Thursday, 17 November 2011

A-Z Of Me

I saw this on Eyelining Obsessions and figured it might be fun to try it myself.

A - Age – 22

B - Best holiday – Mera Luna this year, it felt more like a holiday without Kev vanishing into the photo pit every two seconds.

C - Chores you hate – Cleaning Stirfry's dish :/

D - Dogs – I grew up with two, Prudence and the Tinker.

E - Essential start to your day-  Two slices of toast and a scrape of Vegan margarine.

F - Favourite colour – Blue

G - Gold or silver – Silver, Gold usually doesn't look right on me.

H - Height – 5,10

I - Instruments you play – Guitar and Drums

J - Job title – Uh, flyer girl?

K - Kids – No thank you! 

L - Live – Currently residing in the original Washington.

M - Mother's name – Mam.

N - Nickname – Alex

O - Overnight hospital stays – A couple when I was little and needed grommets to help me hear.

P - Pet Peeves – negative people.

Q - Quote from a film – "I shall slip through the darkness like a dark slippery thing!"- Valentine from Mirrormask

R - Right or left handed – Right.

S - Siblings – One younger brother and a Step sister

T - Time you wake up – Varies depending on what I'm doing that day.

U - Underwear – Bloomers and a corset.

V - Vegetable you hate – I don't think there is one!

W - What makes you run late – Usually my boyfriend!

X - X-rays you've had – Several, I was a clumsy kid.

Y - Yummy food you make – Vegan chocolate cake.

Z - Zoo animal – Red Pandas

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