Monday, 7 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Friday

Alexa De Strange

On Friday the 28th October, Kev and I made our bi-annual trip to the beautiful little seaside town of Whitby.

My Traveling Outfit: Onion dyed blouse, Memento Mori underbust corset, hand made Jolly Roger skirt, Poundland socks and...Don't shoot me...Trainers! (I needed them for the walking).

This time we stayed in a little apartment on the opposite side of the river to where we usually stay, it was a nice place but a bit more of a hike than we're used to so in future I think we'll try and stay a little nearer to the bridge if we're on that side.

After a little shopping, some food and a bit of settling in we changed and headed out to The Res to see Alexa De Strange.

My outfit for the night, a silk Laura Ashley dress I borrowed from Queenie.

There seemed to be some confusion over weather it was Alexa De Strange or Lupine playing first, but it turned out to be Alexa De Strange, they seemed to do quite a long soundcheck (amusingly the TVs behind the bar were showing An Audience With Barry Manilow on mute...Alexa De Strange Soundcheck + Barry's Jazz hands 0__________________o).

Fortunatly they were worth the slight wait, and turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting (although I admit I'm still not to keen on "Babydoll").

At around this point photos of the ceiling started to happen

After Alexa De Strange, we bumped into our friends The Captain and Carroll and ended up on a mini pub crawl with them.

First we went to The Elsinore, I've not made it in there before so I felt the need to take a wonky photo 0.o

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin outside The Little Angel

I *think* this is in The Little Angel

After The Little Angel we ended up in a pub on the other side of the river (The Endeavour maybe?) where presumably, since I Facebook statused "EFF YEAH THIN LIZZY!" they had Thin Lizzy on the Jukebox.

I took a seemingly random picture of a pint...Maybe it made sense at the time?

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