Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Saturday


I woke up on Saturday feeling fine and perky, Kev on the other hand was a wee bit hungover, so I made breakfast (cooked of course, nothing says holiday like a decent cooked breakfast to start the day), and then headed up to the leisure centre to help out Queenie on the Forever in Black stall.

Goth Ducky!

On my way over I spotted some ducks, and was fascinated by the dark green/black mallard pictured above. I've never seen one like that before, it was beautiful.

Saturday outfit

My outfit for the day was a little sweeter than what I'm used to, the dress was bought for me as a gift from a family member , and I'm fairly sure it's a replica of a brand dress, but it was a gift and I'm grateful for gifts so I'm happy to wear it (though I have explained about replicas and why I prefer original designs for the future).
I'm not really used to wearing sweet so if anybody has any tips for how I can better accesorise this dress let me know :)

Helping out on the stall was actually pretty fun and I got tea, a baked potato and a new dark fairytale purse for my troubles :)

Unfortunately the Vampire Ball was sold out so we were unable to attend that, so instead Kev and I headed to the Res to see Alice Moving Under Skies and Winter in Eden.

As you know I've seen Alice Moving Under Skies a whole bunch of times now, I really enjoy them even though I've seen them a whole bunch of times now.
This is the second time I have seen them since Robert "The Magician" became their bassist, the first time was at DV8 (which seems FOREVER AGO now), and I was kind of squeezed into the room like a sardine and ended up having to make my way out two songs into the next band because I thought I was going to pass out.

This time we managed to get up near the front (I think the only people in front of us were some slightly rowdy monks...#thisisperfectlynormalnothingtoseehereatall), thus it was possible to breathe and enjoy the set.
I personally think that Robert adds a lot to the band, even without the magic tricks (sword swallowing anybody?).

Winter in Eden were great but I think I was a little to tired to really appreciate them (two tired on the second night? I'm such a weakling...I know...).

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