Saturday, 18 February 2012

Angry and disapointed

I am angry and disappointed that I live in a time where it is still acceptable to make fun of people's differences.
I am so embarrassed that this made it to TV (this was on in the ad-breaks on Sky Sports news during Soccer Saturday at least three times today) in what is supposed to be a civilised country, what pray tell is civilised about calling Transgendered women dogs?
So fuck you Paddy Power, fuck you and the horse you bet on when you though this was a good idea.
I hope that anybody who likes a flutter on sports, a bit of a bet or is a gambler with a conscience chooses some other company to place their bets with, even after Paddy Power decides to go one of the inevitable two ways to deal with the very predictable fallout.

What are the odds they will berate anybody who complains for being to up-tight and "not getting the joke" it is after all "just a bit of fun", people are so "PC these days".

Who would care to bet that Paddy Power will make a humble apology, for their off colour joke?
I trust the sincerity about as far as I could throw it (not very I have terrible upper arm strength).

No, they will not be getting a penny from me.

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