Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunday Round Up: Huggly, Snuggley, Love Edition

Monday: Babes in Hairland - Valentines Heart Braids Heart shaped braids, not just for Valentines.

Tuesday: (Vampire Soiree) Spooky Halloween Arts - What I like about Vampires My favourite of the Vampire Soiree posts this year.

Wednesday: Views From The Couch - You Didn't thank me for punching you in the face One Mother making a very good point. How come we wonder why so many women stay in abusive relationships when we teach little girls that if a boy picks on them then he has a crush on them?

Thursday: Bloomzy - Valentines Day Treats delicious cupcake pictures!

Friday: Jean of All Trades - Remembering Zelda Kaplan In memory of the 95 year old Fashion Icon and "It" girl who sadly passed away this week.

Saturday: Fashion Is Evolution - How to make a Valentines Flipbook Wrapping up Valentines with something cute :D

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