Monday, 12 March 2012

Leeds Steampunk Market

Photo by Hackenbush

Regular readers will have noticed I did another disappearing act on Saturday, I had meant to mention that I probably wouldn't be around to making an entry, but funnily enough I didn't get around to it...Oops!
Anyhow I was in Leeds.
I suddenly discovered that there is a 7am on Saturdays 0.o
I travelled down with Queenie (does this make me Nursey? FETCH THE UDDERS!) to help out on the Forever in Black stall.
On the way down to Leeds we passed several rather strange things (such as a GIANT yellow dog shaped car, a GIANT can of Red Bull and a sandwich shop called "£andwich" 0.o)
I've never really worn Steampunk before so I ended up in Ero/Guro (or is it Guro/Ero?) Loli. Photo by Michael Young

The market itself took place in Left Bank which is a converted church, which is now arts, music and performance space in Leeds (it's also where The March Violets filmed the video for Dandelion King ).

Photo by Hackenbush

I had a pretty fantastic day, from a "helping out at the stall" point of view we did pretty well (and I'm actually starting to remember the prices of things...HUZZAH!), and from a fashion blogger point of view I saw so many people wearing interesting things, which has inspired me to add a little steam to my wardrobe too :D

As well as the market there was a little entertainment (as in actual entertainment, not just the chance to giggle at me and my lack of depth perception), from what sounded like someone with a Hurdy Gurdy (not sure on the details of that as it was going on behind us and there was quite crowd but it sounded interesting), and a little later on from The Big Snakes Mystery Orchestra, who I quite enjoyed.

In all I had a rather splendid day!

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