Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tuesday Tutorial - How Not To Do Henna Body Art! (Le Professeur Gothique's monthly Homework Assignment)

Today's Tuesday Tutorial went a little bit wrong :/ However in the interests of proving that I am in fact Human (shocking I know) I decided to keep it, so this week's tutorial will instead be a little silly!

As regular readers will know for most of last year I had dark red hair, which I was dying with henna.
I always made sure I bought body art quality pure henna because not only does it give a better colour, it isn't padded out with any of the potentially nasty additives that are sometimes used in hair henna (some of which if you use a conventional box dye over can either turn your hair green or even burn it away...EEEK!).

I bleached my hair last week, thus ending my deep red phase but I still had a box of henna sitting around so I decided to try doing some henna body art.

The first thing I did was sketch out some potential designs. Originally I wanted to do a bat, but I kind of fail at drawing bats so I thought I'd go with a stylised ankh instead (I know ankhs aren't very Indian but I wanted to give it a bit more of a Gothic twist to a traditional Indian beautifier).

There were no instructions so I decided to guesstimate, I think that was my problem right there...
I emptied out around half of the powder (tip pure henna is almost always slightly greenish when it's a powder), and then mixed in some water.

I kept thinking the mixture was too dry so just kept on adding water...I think this was terrible mistake number two.

Terrible mistake number three was thinking that a sandwich bag would work instead of a proper tube applicator 0.o

Of course the lines came out too fast and because there was too much water the henna spread...

Blurry orange mark? Oooops...

So I decided to have another bash at henna-ing my feet:

This came out slightly better as I added more powder to thicken up the mix, but the lines are still a little wide...Oh well *le sigh*

So if you really want to try henna body art...Learn from my mistakes and listen to these ladies instead :)

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