Friday, 13 April 2012

All Is Vanity - Le Professeur Gothique's Monthly Homework Assignment -

This month's theme is Artistic Inspirations, I had originally wanted to re-create my favourite piece of art as a photograph but we were unable to get a hold of a dressing table in time, however I'm still on the look out so hopefully it will still happen at some point.

All Is Vanity - Charles Allen Gilbert - 1892

This is my favourite piece of art for a variety of different reasons. The biggest one though is that I find it more "interesting" than a lot of art, it's the old spice guy of illustration; look at All is Vanity it's a skull, then back to a regular picture, now back to All is Vanity...THE SKULL IS NOW A WOMAN AT A DRESSING TABLE!...I'm on a horse...

All is Vanity had a massive effect on me when I first saw it and sent me along the long and winding road of hiding things all over my prints, the cotton skirt above has skulls hidden is some of the negative spaces.

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