Friday, 13 April 2012

The Legacy: His Name Was Jason

A blog event hosted by Memoirs of a Scream Queen

For my post I decided to post about when good franchises go bad:

But then become so hilarious that you end up enjoying them...

"Welcome to the Future of Horror. He's been drowned, chainsawed, knifed, axed, hammered, shocked, burned, spiked, nailed, shot and frozen. Now he's back for more." - Jason X

The plot is...Bad...The acting is er...Bad (although I was amused to see Lexa Doig and Lisa Ryder as almost each other's characters from Andromeda!), and well the script is pretty bad too, however it hits a "so bad it's great" level with me as I actually found it hilarious!

It's the perfect Jason movie to watch with a few alcoholic beverages and some friends (in fact why not play a "bad jokes" shots game!)

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