Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Amsterdam Touristy Snaps :)

I promised I would take lots of photos and so I did :)

Beautiful stonework at the Caree theatre where we saw Within Temptation (see previous post)

Kev and I :)

My dress is 1950's vintage because I thought "Oldest Theatre in Amsterdam, I want to wear something theatre appropriate" :)

One more of the Theatre :)

The most beautiful sushi bar I have ever seen!

The Cafe where we had breakfast on Sunday morning :)

We went all the way to Holland and STILL could not escape bagpipers!

After the fall of the Empire, Darth Vader turned to street performing to make enough money to buy some Hagelslag!


Beautiful corset from 1906 in the Sex Museum.

A beautiful window display that we passed :)

One of the many canals that Amsterdam is famous for :)

The Heineken Experience

The theatre Resturaunt where we had dinner on Sunday (best food I have EVER eaten, total foodgasm!)

Mulligans Irish bar (which was hosting an Irish jam session...A little surreal!)

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