Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Within Temptation at the Carré theatre, Amsterdam

Photo by Kev36663

Within Temptation played at Mera Luna last year, but I missed a huge part of their set because I wanted to see Patrick Wolf in the hanger (Patrick is one of three artists who I'd literally trample people out of the way to see, the other two being Tori Amos and Kate Bush), but Kev very much enjoyed them.
We managed to miss their more local to us dates through this and that, but when we saw that they were playing Amsterdam, being the travelling types we decided to make a weekend of it :D

We managed to get tickets to see them on both nights they played at the Carré (Saturday and Sunday) and although they played the same set list both nights (here and here), I thoroughly enjoyed both nights.

This was as good as it got for my poor camera on Saturday!

On the Saturday night we were at the back row on the first floor all the way to the right, which meant that part of our view was obscured by the giant speakers (most of the screens at the back were blocked out, we couldn't see the drums and when Sharon was stood at the back we could only see her from the kneecaps down 0.o), however the sound was great and I really enjoyed what they played.

Photo by Kev

Their set was in two halves, presumably to reflect how theatre performances are usually in two halves.
The first half was mostly calmer, gentle tracks such as "Our Farewell" and "Never Ending Story" and the second half was made up of heavier tracks like "Mother Earth" and "Stand My Ground".

Photos by Kev

My poor wee camera did a lot better on Sunday night!

On the following night we were in pretty much the same seats but on the left hand side of the theatre and a few rows closer so we could see more of the screens and the stage.

While as I said they played the same set both nights I preferred Sunday's performance slightly, although I think that is probably down to not being as travel tired as I had been on the Saturday (and the amazing dinner in the theatre restaurant put me really good mood too).

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