Sunday, 1 April 2012

Is it possible to be a flowery Goth? - Sophistique Noir Monthly Theme post

*phew* the last of my epic THREE POSTS in one day!

Anyhow the theme this month is flowers, not really something you think of straight away when you think goth?
But I have a few flowery things :)

The JSK I made is covered in flowers...Blue Roses!

My favourite corset has skulls and roses on it too

My Rose Melody dress has roses on it as well (noticing a theme here? Roses the ultimate Goth flower?)

When I was in second year at uni I had to do a project on flowers...I chose white lilies because of their association with death and funerals.

I dissected the flowers and drew the peices.

 Inter connected them and abstracted them...

And ended up with these!

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