Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Anybody know where I can get heart shaped sun glasses and a good body guard? ;)

Screenshot taken by the ever wonderful Klockwork Monsta! - From Snog, Marry, Avoid (Series 5, episode 7)


So way back in January I got an email about how Snog, Marry, Avoid were looking for weird and wonderful looking folk to appear on their new series.
Snog, Marry, Avoid is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, it's not like other make-over shows and so I decided to apply, not really expecting much.
A few hours later I got an email back asking me to send some photos of my wildest looks.
I sent some in Lolita, some from when I had GIANT fake dreads and some pictures from various jaunts to Whitby Goth Weekend and the Mera Luna festival. I guess they preferred the Goth stuff to the Lolita, but I'm happy either way.

They eventually decided they quite liked this look but that I should go along without my eye make up on and they would film me putting my eye make-up on. Oh and they wanted me to whip my eyebrows off...I hadn't done that in months...Oh and they wanted me to "Vamp it up a bit" so I decided to wear fangs! 0.o
Okey dokey.

On the actual filming day I spent quite a lot of the day between Pret a Manger (which had me in fits of giggles because I kept thinking about Covenant's Pret a Manger story they told Kev and I on that random shoe shopping trop we did with them 0.o) and the posh Greggs...Yes this is Newcastle...We have a posh Greggs...Ellie loved it apparently, bit gutted I never got to meet Ellie but she was probably just too shy to meet the Queen of the Freaks ;)

Snog, Marry, Avoid - Series 5, Episode 7

Just before the actual filming itself it started bucketing down with rain, and in the time it took me to get set up with a radio mic (battery pack hidden in my petticoat OH THE HUGE MANATEES! and cable up through my dress and curled around inside my bolero) and then dive over from Pret a Manger to the little Winnebago thing (the sort of white box thing in the opening credits of the show) my hair flattened :(

The filming itself took around ten minutes, the initial five minutes were me talking to POD (I say talking, more like we bounced our bitchyness off each other!), I was filmed baring my fangs a few times (I've since been told that the BBC LOVE FANGS so this I guess is why!), POD asked about my look, why I wear it and then tried to christen me "The Vampire of the North!" to which I replied that isn't me, but I do know her! I told part of the back story of why I'm Queen of the Freaks.
Next I was timed putting on my eye-make up, I was given three minutes...It took me two just to draw on my brows! EEK!!! I also managed to put my false lashed on the wrong way around so I looked a little bit of a fright...Kind of glad in ways that they decided to go for not using that part lol!
Finally POD gave her verdict on my look and made a comment on my scary eyes, to which I bitched back "How would you know? You don't even have eyes POD!"
POD Then repeated "I am the Personal Overhaul Device!" several times before the door popped open and I was shown out ;)

Over all, I had a lot of fun and really want to have another go at being on TV! (hopefully for longer this time!)
I had to sign a contract that meant I couldn't talk about it until now, so I hope you all understand :)

If you missed the episode, it's repeated on BBC 3 this Thursday at 2:55 am, Friday at 20:30, Saturday at 3am, and once more on Monday at 3:55am, it's also on iplayer for the rest of this week if you're in the UK just click here
If you're outside of the UK, I'm not sure how to go about checking if any of your channels play it, but apparently Sweeden gets the UK version of Snog, Marry, Avoid at some point!

edit: forgot to add in that my wonderful boyfriend is on BBC6 radio tomorrow at approx 4.45pm on Steve Lamacq's show and you should all listen to that ;)

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