Wednesday, 27 June 2012

It's ok...I have an apple and an orange!

Vodka Paddling pools - IE: The Glamour that is my life!

So yesterday I could hardly move, today I'm not really in that much better of a state...I have managed to pull muscles I didn't even know existed...BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

On Monday I helped out at the Combichrist gig in Northumbria Uni, I haven't been in Northumbria's student Union IN YEARS and they seem to have re-decorated a little, when I first walked in I seemed to morph into Klockwork Monsta and was all like "I want to lick the lighting rig, it looks sooooo good!"

But yeah anyway hahaha...Pretty much the first thing I did was slapped myself down on the floor and began inflating a bright pink kid's paddling pool (using the power of my lungs!), much to the amusement of the Northumbria staff 0.o 
For newer readers the vodka paddling pool was kind of explained here  and if you're still confused the short answer is it was on Surgyn's rider and it's all Eisenfunk's fault!

After that the plan was for me to go meet Surgyn at the train station, pick up their vodka on the way, NOT LET THEM KNOW I HAVE IT then help them carry their stuff to the venue.
Sounds easy?
It's funny how you don't realise how far half a mile can be until you have a huge keyboard over your shoulder 0.o
Note to self, if my upper body strength is not vastly improved by next time take a taxi...

I kind of left them collapsed at the front of the venue, flailed up the stairs, spluttered "Surgyn, downstairs, gear help please" and then sunk into a sofa where Queenie revived me with a sandwich, while I told her I loved her numerous times 0.o

I had literally had one bite of sandwich when I realised I still had the vodka and had to run down to Surgyn's dressing room to put the vodka in the paddling pool before they got there!
Still they seemed to like the vodka paddling pool, it made it to their fanpage!

The card my Mam made for Joe :)

A bit of mediocre helper monkey stuff later (seriously typing up a blow by blow account of finding none de-cafinated coffee would bore us all to death so I won't bother) and I got to hand over the Unicorn card my mam ( Alter Ego Greeting Cards) hand made for Combichrist.

Joe and said card :D

I was actually pretty happy to hear that Joe still has the first card my Mam made them a few years back when they played Legends

A slightly shocked looking Joe and Trevor with the original card a few (two I think?) years back.

Then more workey stuff for a while before Deadfilmstar went on stage (next few photos by Kev36663 )
I wasn't really to fond of their sound so I collapsed into a chair backstage, suddenly realised I was kind of hungry and managed to devour half a melon 0.o

Next up were Surgyn, seen here apparently doing the YMCA or something 0.o They really suited being on a decent sized stage actually, and I'm really into their new song!

I wasn't really sure what to expect from Jayce Lewis having previously only heard one song, but he was FANTASTIC I was pretty sure there was no way on earth Combichrist would be able to top his performance.

I was wrong! BEST GIG EVER!

I did manage to get a photo with Joe and Z Marr, however it's on Queenie's camera and she's not uploaded it yet, so I'll add it to a picspam entry at some point :)

P.S. The Apple and Orange thing was Abbey Nex's addition to the buffet table...Apples and Oranges will be my answer to everything now!

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