Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Back in the YOU KAY!

The top of the tower at Mera Luna :)

Well, I'm back! Had an awesome time at Mera Luna, really enjoyed the bands, the atmosphere and the German foods ( I think with my tummy sometimes).
I very much enjoyed my first experience as a press person (the last twice I was a regular attendee), and I have lots to jot down when I feel a little less broken (my legs hurt quite a bit, but then my first flight was a little late yesterday and I have to dash across Schiphol Airport in less than 15 minutes to catch my connecting flight home, which resulted in me pulling most of the muscles in my lower body and having a panic attack as I was going through security).
Kev had a photo pass and took lots of photos of bands (I only took photos of Placebo and those were taken from the crowd rather than the photo pit because my pass didn't cover access there), those are hopefully going to be used by Dominion Magazine's website so when they go up I will post a link.
But for now I am back home with tea and toast :)

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