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Rockabilly Forever- Why It Will Forever Be A Hot Trend

They say that rock ‘n’ roll will last forever, but what about the fashions from the 1950’s, the era that was dominated by a new phenomenon? Remember the slicked back hair, the striking cuts of the clothing, and the coyness that radiated from the women in beautiful pencil cut dress and flirty above the knee dresses.
Rockabilly stemmed from the Rock ‘n’ Roll generation, it formed more than just a style of rock, but it paved the way of a new way to live your life. Rockabilly was a strong potion of Rock music mixed in with a bit of ‘hillbilly’ country music that forever changed the style of a generation.

Rockabilly Today

Elvis Presley was a pin up for the 1950’s with perfectly styled hair and sharp suits but if you visit trendy vintage shopping areas and music hot spots than don’t be surprised that men are encapsulating the rockabilly look. The same goes for women, instead of opting for high street classics such as jeans, women are wearing fitted knee length dresses and flared skirts with hillbilly shirts.

So why is rockabilly so hot as a trend? Everybody wants a bit of vintage in their wardrobe, whether it’s a hand-me-down ring, or your mother’s denim, there is always a need for some vintage. Rockabilly is a style that will forever be around as it works basic style must haves with a creative look that can be either classic or extreme.

How To Rock Rockabilly

Dressing as a rockabilly is a nod to a vintage style but purchasing knee length pencil skirts is a great way to embrace the style and your figure. Pencil skirts and dresses are perfect to wear to work as the rockabilly look embraces smart and sharp styles, trying to embrace in your inner Rockabilly will definitely give you that edge in the fashion stakes.

If you grace the high street shops you will see nods to the Rockabilly look, tight fitting pencil skirts, leopard print, polka dots and sweat-heart necklines. Even jewellery is following the age old trend featuring swallows and tattoo-inspired designs on necklaces, rings and bracelets.
Websites are taking this style by storm, a quick Google of Rockabilly clothing will bring up retro inspired websites that focus on how to get a perfect retro hairstyle and copycat clothing based on the designs that rocked the 1950’s such as Tigermilly.

Rockabilly For Life

Buying into the Rockabilly look simply isn’t a fad or a teenage phrase, it’s a statement and style that can be embraced by everyone.  With loads of options out there to embrace the look either hit the high street, the internet or vintage shops to update your wardrobe today.

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