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Goth Gift Ideas

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What is Goth?
This is probably one hardest question for any person; parallel to answering “Who is God?” as it has so many facets that it defies any definitive explanation. All that’s certain is that they’re a close-knit artistic sub- culture group of people who desires darker and more ethereal emotions to be invoked, and that are unified in all the varying takes on fashion with definitive limited colors of black, white and red.

For people’s nook of knowledge, pre-dating the Goth account was the punk rock history, where band artists like The Ramones and The Sex Pistols from the 70’s and today’s Greenday are among of the greatest examples. These celebrated people have brought so much influence

and bearing to Goth’s existence. And as they sway people’s minds with their lugubrious, mystical sound, and outlook tendency on music, the journey of rejecting mainstream social and religious values in favor of questioning the norm continues to live on.

People, sadly, denounce this particular group as a part of a wicked and malicious movement, saying that they bring destruction to the civilization. But not did these people know that these individuals seek belongingness which they later found from each other’s 
 company, and that they too have differences in life’s perceptions. Denying the typical does not mean a sin. For them, they perceive it as an ability of finding art where art seems to be lacking; of finding light in the darkness, and embracing it for all its worth.

Where is the truth behind the saying, “Equality is the soul of liberty”, if people can’t read between the lines, and if they keep on harassing and discriminating unique groups? Unity surely is not within reach if acceptance is discounted; don’t be a stereotype, and don’t start now. They say that apologies have gone overrated, so why not show our respect and affection to these people by bestowing them the recognition they truly wanted, and what makes such a good idea more meaningful is by giving them gifts.

Here’s a list of gifts we could surprise them off. It would also make an impact if we could wrap them in black, and dress with a large gift bow.

1. Hair Products. It is the hair that completes the Goth look, and they really invest a lot of time achieving the style they want, so giving them hair products would just be so fitting. Also, these products are cost-effective. Just make sure to buy those which are environment- friendly.

2. Gift Vouchers. Consider purchasing one for their favorite clothing and beauty supply shops. These people take in mind seriously on how they’ll sport their fashion enigmas.

3. Music. Buy them records or cd’s of the music they cling too. Also, an i Tunes gift card would become handy if they want to download songs they prefer.

4. Room Decor. Since these people have great reverence for goth bands, buy them some posters and some interesting finds. You may want also to purchase a black comforter set or some electricity- generated black LED pillar candles to complete the look of the room.

5. Cosmetics. Make up is critical for achieving that perfect Goth look. Pale white foundation and severe eye shadow gives that wanted radiance. Also, nail polishes are generously needed. You can purchase these make up items and put them is a customized coffin- shaped gift box.

6.     Books. Books that have stories about Vampires, Draculas, Werewolves and other mystical creatures are good gift choices. Ex: Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte; Dracula by Bram Stoker; etc.

Author Bio: Mitchlanie Uy, based out of Florida, is the online content coordinator for Big Red Bows. She is a freelance writer and blogger, a photographer and a traveler. You may follow her on Google+.

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