Friday, 10 August 2012

5 Reasons to Dress Up as a Couple this Halloween

For many people, Halloween is a day for having fun and dressing up. Typically, Halloween celebrations for adults include dressing up in a costume, handing out candy or attending a party. However, Halloween was not always observed in this manner.
The exact origins of Halloween are unclear. However, the term "Halloween" dates back to the 16th century and was used to represent the night before All Hallows' Day. While many people believe that Halloween stems from pagan beliefs, studies have indicated that the holiday may actually have Celtic roots.
Studies have also indicated that Halloween was influenced by All Saints' Day. The night before All Saints' Day was considered the last night the dead had a chance to get revenge on their enemies before passing on to Heaven. Christians who were scared of being recognized by a vengeful soul would wear masks or costumes in hopes of deterring the soul until All Saints' Day, when all souls still roaming the earth would pass on.
While many people opposed Halloween, by the 20th century it was a widely celebrated day with both adults and children wearing costumes, having parties, and trick-or-treating. Wearing a costume is still a large part of celebrating Halloween. However, finding the right costume can be difficult.
Whether an individual is going to a Halloween party or simply handing out candy, a costume should always be memorable. While individual costumes are always fun, dressing up with a friend or significant other can be even better. Listed below are the top reasons why couple costumes are better than individual costumes.
  1. Couple costumes are a great bonding experience. Two people who decide to wear a costume together can look at costumes together and decide on the best one.
  2. Joint costumes are typically more memorable than individual costumes. People always remember the two partygoers who were literally attached at the hip over the person who dressed like Raggedy Ann. Couple costumes are usually funny and can help lighten even the most somber Halloween celebration.
  3. Dressing up with another person ensures both people will stand out from the rest of the crowd. Dressing in a couple's costume takes effort. However, when two people successfully pull off a couple's costume, it is typically memorable and admired by other partygoers.
  4. There are plenty of costume options for couples. There have been many great pairs in history, such as Anthony and Cleopatra or Laurel and Hardy. The costume options are limitless for couples who want to dress up together.
  5. Couple Halloween costumes are cute. Everyone loves seeing a couple look or act silly. Couples who dress up together always look adorable.
Halloween is the one day out of each year that people can wear whatever they want to. Instead of choosing typical costumes this year, people should try choosing a costume with another person.   Not only can dressing up in a couple's costume be a fun way to bond with a friend or significant other, but it can also help make a memorable scene at any party.

+Nancy Goebel is a passionate writer of lifestyle and entertainment topics. With the upcoming holidays, she's currently helping people find great costume ideas for Halloween, including couple Halloween costumes.

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