Thursday, 9 August 2012

New Trend: Shoe Accessories

Basic pumps look great with a variety of outfits, which is often the reason behind purchases. Almost every woman has a pair of black, nude and red pumps to wear to any occasion. The problem is, however classic basic pumps are, after a while they are boring and people remember you wearing them with different outfits. No one compliments you on basic pumps, because they are common so you go out and buy different styled shoes.
However, good quality shoes with different types of embellishments are often expensive and there is only so much wiggle room in your budget for new shoes every time there is an occasion for cool shoes. Luckily there are ways to dress up your basic pumps and turn them into new shoes, without ruining them or cutting them up into pieces.
Shoes Jewelry
Perhaps you have heard of body jewelry, the new trend amongst women’s heads, wrists, thighs and chests. These jewels are made out of long chains and drape around the body with accents of different jewels, rocks or crystals.
Although the jewelry is made for the body, there are some companies that have designed the chains to drape around shoes. These shoe chains take a simple pump and make them sparkle and stand out, and they even look great on your one toned colored boots. There are many styles to choose from so your shoes can be forever changing as well. The best part is, if you don’t want to spend too much money on buying different chains, you can watch a quick tutorial online and make your own shoe jewelry with a few tools.
Hair Clips
Flowers, butterflies, feathers and abstract pieces have been glued to hair clips for the past two seasons and look great pinned in the back or front of your head. However, instead of wearing that clip in your hair, next time clip it to your shoes.
Hair clips are generally made with an alligator type clasp, so they won’t damage your shoes. You can clip these hair accessories to the front mouth of your shoe, or on the sides. More than one clip will create a really cool look and draw a lot of attention to your feet, so have fun with it.
Rope & Twine
Another option is to purchase some pretty colored rope or high quality twine and string on different charms or beads. Create a pattern that you like, or make it random and tie it around your shoe and onto your ankle. When tying it around your shoe make sure you hid the knot under the heel and weave it around your leg similarly to a gladiator style. You can also do this is with chains or long necklace’s that you have.
Dressing up your shoes can be really fun and easy on the pocket. There are so many different looks that you can create with so many different tools, it’s just up to you to be the artist. If your creativity is limited, go online and check out what other people have done!

Dress up your shoes for one of your new formal gowns.

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