Wednesday, 1 August 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 3

Day 3 ~

What are your top 5 favourite Goth/alternative brands? (can be clothing, shoes, anything!)
What do you love about these brands?
Include pictures of your favourite pieces by them (either from their own photos or photos of you wearing the pieces.)
Show your current outfit :)

Not because Queenie is my friend, and not because I got to model for them (which are both nice things though), but because everything I own that comes from Forever in Black is beautifully made and looks amazing.

My favourite of the Taobao Lolita brands.
I value quality really highly, and the JSK I bought from Surface Spell Gothic is flawless.

All of my favourite shoes that I own are made by Pleaser or one of their sub-brands, I love them :)

4. Not really a brand as such but The Nightmare Before Christmas clothing!

I bought this cape in a little shop in Edinburgh that sells Japanese Imports :)

Another Taobao brand. I don't often wear this any more because it's really thick and better suited to inter wear, also I lost weight since then and now I feel like I'm swimming in it, but I still love this dress :)

Again old photo but this is what I'm wearing today:

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