Thursday, 2 August 2012

FYeah Finery Fashion Challenge ~ Day 4

Day 4 ~

Take a picture of you in your most expensive item of clothing/shoes/accessory (old or new photo.)
What brand is it? (or did you make it yourself?) What is this piece used for? (photo shoots, special occasions?)
Include a number of pieces to complete an outfit with this piece if you so wish :)

I already added a picture of my most expensive piece on the first day, so instead this is probably the most expensive piece someone has leant me to wear.
It's a 100% silk, Laura Ashley dress (the lace around the cuffs is crochet silk and SO PRETTY!).
I have worn this twice, the first time was when I as having a Whitby Wardrobe crisis and the second was the second night of Within Temptation in the Carre Theatre in Amsterdam :)

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