Sunday, 23 December 2012

Five bits of fun this week!

Seriously this...Double standard much?

1. Instagramgate!

I have a lot of friends that are musicians, without musicians I wouldn't have a job at the moment and it makes me despair for them sometimes when people just download their hard work for free and never intend to pay for it.
So imagine how funny I found it when a bunch of the same people who brag about downloading music freaked when they misunderstood Instagram's new T+C!
(FYI: I know not everybody that didn't get what Instagram was saying is a rabid downloader, I'm not laughing at you guys)

  I'll have you know The Prodigy are the kings of a good Christmas jingle!

2. Getting in the party mood!
Also Kev made the above picture, he shared it on his fanpage and it currently has 136 shares, and I shared it to reddit where it's racking up more Karma in a few hours than I have managed with anything I've posted in almost a year of being a redditer...Not bad for some drunken revelling!

3. Local Loltias hitting the news!

Bravo ladies!

4. Carouskel Fabric!

Hopefully mine with Christmas money so I can make myself a nice new skirt to go with the Steampunk Lolita  accessories that Kakuidori sent me for Christmas :)

5. Holiday Funtimes!

Two weeks of fun and frolics! Woop woop!

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