Sunday, 23 December 2012

A Full Century of Women's Clothing

Fashion is not just about the clothes but the accessories and shoes as well. For women, shoes make and break the outfit and are therefore a notable part of women’s fashion. Unlike men, women are known for having unlimited designs when it comes to shoes.
The roaring 20s saw women wear t-strap heels which were worn with their flappers. These shoes were quite comfortable due to their low heel and also doubled as dancing shoes. As time went by, shoes designs changed and wedges were now a part of fashion. Cork soled wedge shoes made their mark in fashion in the 50s and have continued to go in and out of fashion. The 50s had more variety as ballerina flats and saddle shoes were the popular shoes worn back then. The stiletto heel also gained popularity in the 50s.  Interestingly, these shoes are still making rounds in fashion today. The 60s were an outrageous time and go-go boots were the popular shoe. Since then boots have been fashionable.
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