Monday, 24 December 2012

Santa's 7 Perils

Trips and falls happen all the time especially at Christmas time as there are wires all over the place lighting up the house and tree. Tripping over these wires could result in an injury.
Now, think about poor Santa, he comes into the house and can’t see as there is no light. He doesn’t want to make anyone aware that he is there so he tries to be careful, only to trip on a loose wire and bring the Christmas tree smashing down on top of him (another injury there).
This also wakes the house up and the magic of Christmas is spoilt for one and all. Those in the house see Santa but he is too injured to deliver the rest of the presents (this isn’t a film where someone else delivers them).
So, when you are laying out your decorations think about the hazards  that may occur and be sensible enough to cover any loose wires as we don’t want Santa to be hurt and unable to do his job now do we? want to bring a little humour to you this festive period

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