Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Style Guides: Nu Goth

Upside down crosses, clean, straight lines and cute accessories.
The style that launched a thousand hate blogs over the summer but attracted far more people to the style.
I'm not here to discus the controversy today (personally I don't care if people are wearing a style forever or just for a season, you don't NEED to conform to the none conformity, do what you like, be a rad person and have fun!), but instead to talk about what makes this a style.

Image via 3 minute memory

A lot of the look seems to be influenced by Goths in cult horror flicks (think Lost Boys, The Craft and Tim Burton's early work), round sunglasses seem to be the stylish way to protect your Nu Goth eyes from the sun, similar to the sunglasses worn in Francis Ford Coppola's version of Dracula, although sometimes incorporating holographic lenses.

image via Labyrinth

The Bare Essentials

Basic black mini dress
Crucifix leggings 
Big floppy hat
round sunglasses
silver jewellery

Nu Goth

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