Thursday, 24 January 2013

Battenberg-Cartwright: Wuthering Heights

Back-combed hair, pale make-up and lots and lots of black...Is this Trad Goth in High Fashion?
Yes Please!

First of all I love the crow head-piece, and I wonder if the taxidermists I met at the last Whitby Goth Weekend could make something similar because I now have the urge to plonk a bird on my bonce.
I'm also really liking the floaty, fluttery insect theme that seems to be going through the whole collection, I very much like the net skirt with what appear to be butterflies on it, and the mermaid tailed skirt.

This is another show that seems to have used a palette of textures rather than colours, while a few jewel tones have snuck in there are an awful lot of floaty black and white lacey bits going on in this one, which works really well, and given that the collection is called "Wuthering Heights" I assume this is down to the influence of Cathy's ghost (forever in my mind as Kate Bush, I'm sure I'm not the only one who can't ever see anybody else when she's at the window).

There also seems to be a really interesting influence coming in from vintage Halloween costumes, done in a non-costumey way (if you get what I mean).
Katherine Hepburn (via Lushlight)
unknown source

And also what appears to be an ode to a dress that Bjork famously wore shaped like a swan!

I think what I like most about this collection is the contrast between the incredible tailoring and the floaty fraying edges, just beautiful.

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