Tuesday, 26 February 2013

My Pick of the Oscars Red Carpet Dresses

Probably a super obvious one for me to pick, there's black, there's sparkle and it's Giorgio Armani...Yeah I'm THAT predictable at times.

Salma Hayek's dress is pretty tame as far as red carpet dresses go, but I love it, and it really suits her figure.

Our first bit of colour from Olivia Munn, the draping of the skirt is very unusual and interesting, and I like the Romanesque gold detail on the bodice.

The beadwork on Catherine Zeta Jones's dress is just amazing.

I had to post video of Adele because I just couldn't find any pictures that do her dress justice, I think this one would be my favourite to be honest if it wasn't for...

This beauty! It's like Gustav Klimpt had a party on an oil spill and gave birth to something amazing!

I feel like Eve Stewart needs a special mention for wearing cat ears to The Oscars!

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