Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Dove Original Compressed Antiperspirant Review

I was sent two full sized samples of this antiperspirant about a month and a half ago by BzzAgent to test out.
The claim is that this little can holds just as much antiperspirant as the large cans and so will last just as long a 150ml can, which seems like quite a claim!
I don't usually use Dove, or any of the other antiperspirants that are adopting this new compact size, I usually use deodorants that are around the same 75ml size, however I usually only get four weeks out of them at the most, wheras the first of the two sample cans of Dove only just ran out on me this morning.

With less packaging and a smaller size, this is of course more friendly to the environment than the larger cans, which seems to be a big selling point for them (it's written all over the can), however there is no mention anywhere on it of it not being tested on animals, and when I looked up Unilever I discovered that they do animal test. Surely being cruelty free would be even better for the environment?

This antiperspirant also claims to last 48 hours. During my testing of the first bottle I had a trip down to Leeds and forgot to pop a deodorant in my bag, and by the following day I personally didn't think that it was still working, however I was fine all of the previous day just from the one application in the morning. Your mileage may vary.

So in my opinion, this was a pretty good product, but I doubt I'll buy it again, I prefer the ones I regularly use, which aren't animal tested.

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