Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sand AW13 - Copenhagen Fashion Week

This is a mixed collection of very well tailored male and female fashions.
I actually don't find the female collection all that mind blowing, there are some nice pieces here and there, and I like the corsets, but I much prefer the menswear.
I know it's probably to much to ask but I really hope the riding boots catch on...I do like a man in nice boots!
I realise this is probably a strange thing to say as a vegan but I like the leather wear in  this (I'm just going to pretend it's that really good quality PU that you can hardly tell the difference with...Yeah...), I think it goes very well with the military details used in the jackets and coats (I love the furry side-caps to, those are almost cute without being childish).

I'm not a huge fan of the short drainpipe trousers though, personally I think they'd look a lot better with an extra inch or so of fabric, I've seen this in a few people's collections lately and I hate them, I think they look pretty silly and they remind me of being a kid who's parents couldn't afford to keep buying her new trousers whenever she grew...Please "budgies" trend, please just don't catch on...Stop being a thing! 

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