Friday, 22 February 2013

Style Guides: Shironuri

Minori via Tokyo Fashion

Shironuri is more of a J make-up style than a fashion style, as while the clothing of Shironuri fans is changeable and unique to each person, what links them is their pale, ghost like make-up.

Shironuri make-up takes it's inspiration from Geisha and historical Japanese theatre make-up styles. The object is to become un-naturally pale, as though you have never seen day light in your life.

What sets Shironuri as a street style apart from Shironuri as a traditional make-up style is the experimental extras, sometimes Gothic "panda eyes" are a feature, other times the wearer will pick one accent colour (Minori often adds the colour of her wig as an accent colour, as in the gif above where she used a pink wig with pink lashes and flower accents.).

Wears of the Shironuri style often have meet ups and events (much like Lolitas do), and it's only really in the pictures from these events that you can really appreciate the amount of  variation in their clothes!

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