Saturday, 27 April 2013

Lolita Meet in Tea Sutra

A lady temporarily left her child in our care!

Today I went to my first Lolita meet in a few years, and had a lot of fun doing so :)

Magical colour changing tea! It starts out blue...

We went to Tea Sutra Teahouse which is a tea house in Newcastle that has over 100 different blends of tea!
I had a Butterfly Blue Pea tea made from dried blue anthocyanins, which had a very sweet almost honey like taste, and was very refreshing. It was also a little magical, in that if you pour it over a slice of lemon...

It turns purple!

Leia had a pot of flowering tea. This tea was served in a clear teapot, and at first there was just a small green bundle in it, but over a few minutes it opened out into a large flower!

Flowering tea!

Afterwards we went to Leaze's Park and took some photos of our outfits!

Group shot!






All in all I had a lovely time and hope for another meet soon :)

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