Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Dress Inspirations

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The dress is something I have been thinking about for a while now, I don't really trust anybody else to make exactly what I want so I'm going to make my own.
I want something that represents me, and I have quite a flair for the dramatic so my dress will be pretty dramatic too.


I love the splendor of Georgian Rococo gowns and so I have bought myself a historically accurate pattern for a Robe a la Francaise. This will be somewhat of a challenge for me as I've never made anything this grand before, and I will have to also make all of the underpinnings (including a set of stays), and so I will be making a trial run in a different fabric.
My grandma gave me an old pair of blue taffeta curtains earlier in the year and I plan on making the trail run with these, if it doesn't work out, well the fabric was free, if it does work out I have something fabulous to wear for the BSIFF next year!

I do have a fabric picked out for the final dress, but I think it might be a little unlucky to share it before I even make the trial run!

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