Sunday, 18 January 2015

Dublin Castle

On our first day in Dublin we just wandered around town to see what we could find.
Dublin Castle

I didn't actually realise that it was Dublin we were going to until 7:00 am that morning when Kev handed me my boarding card, I did know we were going on holiday obviously, but he kept the location a surprise until the last possible minute, which was as I was about to go through airport security at Manchester airport!

The flight took an hour, it felt like we had only just got up in the air when we came back down again! We weren't able to get into our hotel until after 3pm, so we took a bit of a wander around Dublin city centre for a few hours. I had my new camera with me to take photos, although some of them are not great as I was trying to get used to the settings.


We had a brief loo around the outside of Dublin castle, we couldn't go inside though as we still had our massive bags for the week with us.

It was very pretty though, so I was glad we got to have a look around.

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