Saturday, 24 January 2015

Trim Castle

The next stop on our tour was Trim Castle
The first thing we did was handle some large weapons!

Fnar fnar!

No idea if this guy has three eyes!

Trim Castle is also Anglo-Norman

Quite a lot of it still stands

Trim Castle was also featured in Braveheart and quite a lot of the residents of Trim were extras in the film

One of said residents threw an actual apple at Mel Gibson, this amuses me what with not really being a fan of Mr Gibson.

The tower in the background was once scaled by a childhood friend of The Duke of Wellington

The house next door is rumoured to be where Gulliver's Travels was written. 

Trim was one of the towns seiged by Oliver Cromwell, who was the first person ever to breach the walls.

Bodies are still occasionally found when foundations are dug nearby for new buildings

Still it is a very beautiful castle

Especially in the snow

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