Saturday, 2 January 2016

Creep Shaming

Christmas Day, Christmas bloody day... Shouldn't you be eating sprouts and watching Dr Who?

Sorry to start the new year on a rant but I am so sick of keeping quiet about this kind of thing. If you like one of my photos on instagram, like the photo, maybe comment that you like the photo, don't PM me out of the blue on CHRISTMAS BLOODY DAY AND ASK IF I THINK YOU'RE HOT.

In which he becomes self aware

Instagram is not a dating site, please don't treat my inbox like Plenty of Fish. The rope thing in the first message relates to a shibari photo I put up over a year ago. I like shibari, and I as learning it for a while but then the class I was learning at lost it's venue so now I am no longer learning (except from books, which isn't really the same as there's nobody around to say "hey that's not quite right do it this way"). It was fun and I posted photos, they're all SFW and ven if they weren't this is no reason to creep on me.

I didn't respond so he just kept messaging o.0

No Mr random internet guy, no I do not want to practice tying you up, or being tied up by you. I have no idea who you are and your decision to randomly message me and not get the hint when I didn't reply makes me think you're probably not safe, your idea of buying rope at Poundland tells me you've not researched anything about rope types and that lets me KNOW you're not safe.

TL;dr No more nice Queens off the Wild Frontier, if you creep on me I will name and shame.

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