Sunday, 3 January 2016

Unexpected Surprises - Welcome New Readers!

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I jst checked my stats and discovered I have a LOT of new people clicking through via The Black Rose, who it turns out have linked to me in their Top 0 Goth and Alternative blogs of the year for 2015.
This is a huge unexpected surprise for me, as I've had a bit of a weird year as far as blogging goes, and I feel like I've been a little off the boil lately, but I guess obviously it's not been as bad as I thought?

Anyhow if you have clicked through and you're wondering what the heck creepy guys on instagram, awkward drunk photos and green pumpkin squashes have to do with goth, I've made a list of some of my favourite posts.

The Most Read One

My most read post of all time, originally posted in 2012, with an update added in 2014, this was a response to the Daily Mail (a UK tabloid newspaper)'s claim that Lolita fashion, was about attracting paedophiles.


 Kitten has Claws - Peter Lennox Photography

My posts about photoshoots, various shoots with various photographers and creatives, most of the outfits by and shot for Forever in Black.

The Post I Am Most Proud Of

Shot by Greame Owens Photography

This post from February 2014 does come with quite a big Trigger Warning as it deals with some body shaming comments I found online about myself and various other people when our photos were used without our permission and photoshopped to meet mainstream beauty ideals. I also phrased part of it in a way I wouldn't do now as I have grown and learned a lot in the last couple of years. Yet still I am most proud of this post, it was the tipping point at which I said that ignoring trolls doesn't work, if you ignore people then they are never challenged, people think their opinion is normal and nothing ever changes. It also eventually led me to my first appearence on Kawaii International and doing a podcast for The Curvy Podcast.

The Time I Was Challenged To Say Things In German

A few months back Ramona of Just Keep Brains challenged me to say some words in German... Hilarity ensued! Don't switch it off straight away at the end as there's a post credit scene.

My Favourite Post

Not very goth (I was wearing a punk scarf to keep the sand out of my face for a start) but still my favourite.  
Back in September 2013 my partner Kev proposed to me in the Sahara Desert, in January 2014 we finally uploaded the video!

So I hope that's a decent TL;dr of my blog. 

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