Thursday, 17 March 2016

14. Research, Research, Research

I suppose this one sort of ties back in with 11, but this one is more about opinions than skills. When I was a child and a young teenager, I didn't really have a lot of
outside input, and so my opinions were mostly the opinions of people older than me and the newspapers my family bought (The Sun, which I would not buy if my life depended
on it these days). I thought bisexuality wasn't real, people on welfare were lazy and didn't work by choice and that abortion was murder and should be illegal.
When I came out to myself in my mid-teens that I was bisexual (although now I no longer use this label, as I have been attracted to people all over the gender spectrum
and I feel weird about using the prefix "bi" when I don't really subscribe to gender binary and I am non-binary myself, so these days I tend to go for queer), I felt 
weird and iscolated, I realised that the negative opinions off bisexuality I had heard had made me convince myself I was something I was not. Finally I realised that
actually I had been having same sex crushes for ust as long as I'd had opposite sex crushes, and that yes actually I did have a crush on my primary school best friend
and that weird feeling I got when I saw another friend wear the colour yellow, that was attraction. This was real, I couldn't just "pick a side" because I couldn't control
who I found attractive, I wasn't doing this for male attention, I wasn't confused, so if I was real thn bisexuality must be real, and if that was the case, what else
might I be wrong about because I didn't know the whole picture?
So now, wherever possible I make an effort to do my research and try to see the whole picture before forming an opinion on something.

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