Wednesday, 13 October 2010

On why I'm not "one of those PETA douches"

Day 26 - A picture that makes you angry

I am a Vegan, I love animals, but I hate PETA.
Now I haven't always been this way, I used to be part of their street team, but then they did something that weirded me out.
They did a deal with KFC (who for years they'd slagged off), to give people money off their new "Vegan" chicken option.
Only it turned out that everything was being cooked in the same oil and what they had to say was:

“We understand that many people find the idea of consuming even trace amounts of animal products to be gross, but our primary focus is on preventing harm to animals. Eating something that has been cooked in the same oil in which chicken flesh has also been cooked doesn’t cause any harm to animals—and deciding not to get that sandwich won’t prevent the chicken from being ordered, cooked, and eaten anyway.”

Dude what? Have you no idea what a Vegan is? Wasn't it PETA put out all those "Vegetarians don't eat fish" flyers?
Well I got news for you, Vegans don't eat chicken fat...
And that last bit? Yes well on the same not if you don't eat that chicken someone else will so you might as well not go vegan or vegetarian...


So after reading that I attempted to unsubscribe from PETA. It took me six months to convince them to stop emailing and writing to me.

After I finally got rid of them I started to notice other little hypocrites, here and there, some not so little and then all the stupid stunts they pull (how exactly is beating up seals in World of Warcraft worse than cooking things in chicken oil? Sea Kittens? Speaking out against Cooking Mama???).

I started to have moral objections to the way they go about things, I am all for educating people where their food is from, and nothing annoys me more than people who eat meat but say they wouldn't have the heart to watch an animal die, but I disagree with how aggressive and "YOU MUST BE A VEGETARIAN OR YOU ARE A TERRIBLE PERSON!" PETA are about it.

You know what's great about being human? We can choose what we eat.
Sometimes when I see aggressive PETA ads, you know what?
I wonder what bacon tastes like, I get tempted to try steak (I was raised as a Vegetarian so I've never eaten either of these things).

two thirds of all the animals that go into PETA custody get euthanized. Yet they still picket animal shelters that do the same thing.

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