Sunday, 3 October 2010

Somewhat of a mini round up :)

Day 13 - A picture of your friends
Photo from The Charnel House

I had a bit of a struggle with this one, I have so many friends now that it's impossible to find a photo of them all, so I decided to go with a dance floor shot from Charnel House because this is where I get to socialise with most of my friends these days.

So time for a mini round up of my super hectic week!
On Monday I went to see Bloodmyer, we chatted, drank tea and ate gay crisps, you know general friendly social visit things.

See, told you, my crisps were proud to be attracted to other crisps of the same gender :D

This is Sam's Unicorn/fluffy handcuff holder

On Tuesday the Panicked responses to the complaint letter I wrote last week started flooding in. Nothing is better than the smell of progress at long last,
On Wednesday I pin curled my hair for the first time and startled the postman...Heh whoops...
Thursday I saw this rainbow:

Oh yeah and I also saw Marseilles, who were great (One of their guitarists also happens to be my childhood hero!)

(sorry for the bad picture :( )
Friday was Hellfire (The Rock night Kev is one of the DJ's at), there was a Nirvana tribute band on beforehand, they were actually pretty good. I have a couple of photos but I don't have them online yet.
It managed to get really busy and a fabulous night was had by all... Except maybe the guy who decided the way to get his request played was to come and ask me why it hadn't been played every fifteen minutes and then yell that he didn't think Dave (other DJ) was very good, and that he never gets his requests played *yawn*, hold your horses mate, the night is young, to young infact for Metallica and Maiden who'd both fill the floor later in the night...
Saturday, Charnel  House allllllriiiiiight! :D
The night turned out to be pretty punk themed (I guess by random chance rather than pre-planning), lots of dancing and fun social times with people I don't see half as much as I'd like to. 
Also found out the details of where we're staying this Whitby  Goth Weekend,we have access to a Sauna...Rock on! :D
Today? Well, yeah I'm a big fan of the lazy Sunday, especially when my legs hurt. Today I shall be mostly relaxing.

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