Monday, 15 November 2010

Crazy weekend was KER-AYYY-ZEEEEE!

Firstly my apologies for not mentioning that I wouldn't be blogging over the weekend, did you miss me?
So what did I do in my absense?
Well on Friday Tia and I were merch girls for Faderhead (well Tia also drove them around quite a lot and was abused in a pizza shop by them!), we sold quite a few T-shirts (lots of XLs to skinny guys...WTF? Were you planning camping trips or something?), fortunatly most of the sales were before tha bands, between the bands and after the bands so we got to, well, enjoy the bands!


First band up were Outsight (all of my photos of them were made of fail because I was to far away and my zoom blurs like crazy at it's most zoomeyed).
They were pretty cool (they had a violin...OMG DROOOOL!), I shall be looking up some more of their music at some point :)


Next came Uberbyte.

(again my apologies for the bad quality photograph)
I've actually managed to loose count of how many times I've seen Uberbyte now, but I know it's a lot.
I'm still not bored :D
I don't know how they do it, but they keep getting better and better everytime.
I know the words to pretty much all off their stuff now so I think I disturbed a few people at the back screaming along to The Black Classroom!
Faderhead themselves

They were pretty damn awesome, I wasn't really expecting them to be as good as they were.
They were easily on par with Combichrist for enjoyability, I have to admit I caught myself singing along loudly again!
Had quite a laugh with them after the show, got SOAKED by Sami when he threw his vodka around during Pantera at the after show and got photos with both of them!
(that's not my lipstick on Sami's face)


Other interesting pictures from the night


I've officially given up on the hair 30 day challenge. I plan on trying it again later in the year.
As of the next post I will be starting the music one.


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