Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Round Up: The Bunnypocalpse Edition

This is Mr Pibb, he's my new blood pet, he's a bit of a caffeine junkie, hence being named after a cola brand. He has a bow in his hair, but that doesn't make him any less of a man.


On Monday I mostly did housework, and sewed. I started and finished a new black Lolita style skirt in one day, and quite proud I was too!

Tuesday was my mam's day off work, so I went over to see her, we watched some TV and generally caught up.

Wednesday I got back to sewing, made part of a ruffle skirt.

Thursday, realised that something had gone wrong with the ruffle skirt...Boo! :(

Friday was Hellfire, pretty cool, pretty busy night, had very sore feet when I came home.

Yesterday, the Bunnypocalype happened... Yes you read that right...

It started innocently enough...I got ready for Charnel House, I decided to try curled hime hair.
I danced, sang, drank cocktails and then...THEY APPEARED!

At first there was just one...It seemed cute, if a little confused...

Then it became PAINFULLY obvious that this was no ordinary bunny... It was a Vampire Rabbit! (you'd think the cape and fangs might have given it away...I blame Lillith's Blood- The cocktail I was drinking)...

And it had friends... Errr "fiends" in the form of many more Vampire Rabbits, Bloodpets and Zombunnies!
That's right folks... When Hell is full...The dead shall hop the earth!

(please excuse the bad lighting and my occasional laughter).

Vampire Rabbits, Bloodpets and Zombunnies are available from Forever In Black's Fanpage (via the shop now tab) and soon from their main website.
I'm having a proper feature on them soon :)

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