Sunday, 12 June 2011


Ok I changed my mind, I think it's better for me to keep writing even though I'm upset. Writing helps, it makes me feel at least a little better, and it's better than sitting around doing nothing.
I'm thinking of making a few changes to my blog, I want to write about more serious things a little more often, I'll still post about fashions, and sewing and weird trips with my mam, but I'm also going to start writing about things that are super important to me.
There's already been a little of that, my post about Slutwalk and my post about how I dress the way I dress because I enjoy it.
I promise though that for every serious post I make, I will do something a little lighter the following day.
I want to bring back the Tuesday Tutorial and the Friday Feature too, I'm not sure when that will be though.
I'm also planning on doing a little more Vlogging here and there, hopefully I'll have sorted my sound and lighting issues for the next try.

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