Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day 2: Market Research

Today was all about Market Research.
I really enjoy this part of things, I've actually been market researching for a good few months anyway by keeping an eye out for people saying that they wished there was a custom textile printing service in the UK (saw a couple of people say that in the Derpy Chan threads...Don't worry guys it'll be here soon :D)

We did an exercise on first impressions, apparently I come off as friendly, given the drama in my life of late I was glad to hear that :)
Apparently I also come off as "well educated", which is kind of funny because most of what I know I learned from Library books. I left school at 12 because I was really badly bullied and couldn't get in anywhere else, I was home educated until 16 and could only afford to sit one GCSE (exams cost a fortune if you aren't in school) English, which I got a B in, after that I went to college where I studied Maths, Spanish, Sign Language and Fashion, I just scraped a pass in my GCSE maths, the Spanish course was cancelled before the end, I failed Sign Language and I got a good mark in my GCSE Fashion (also a B).
My second and third year of college I took a National Diploma in Fine Art and specialised in Fashion and Textiles, I passed the course with Merit, Merit, Merit which was what I needed to get into University to do Fashion Design for Industry, I got good grades in first year but I didn't like the teaching style, I missed home and I found quite a lot of what I was doing kind of boring and I didn't feel I was getting help where I needed it  , so then in second year I combined courses and studied Design for Textiles, which I enjoyed more, but I ended up having some financial problems, which got me stressed, which meant I couldn't concentrate on one of the modules I was doing and I ended up flunking it (stupidly I got A's and B's for all of the other modules in second year).
I wanted to resit the module over the summer but dues to system errors and sheer staff incompetence (I wasn't sent half of the information I needed), I wasn't able to and ended up having to take almost a year out, that year being this year, which I've spent working on trying to set up my business and consequently decided that I don't want to go back to uni after all.
So I'm probably not all that well educated in a standard sense really.

We also did an exercise on  how best to set out a poster or flyer.
All in all I've had a pretty fun day :)
For part of my market research I need to get as many people as possible to fill in my research survey, it'd be great if any of my UK (or EU) dwelling readers could take a couple of minutes to fill it in for me :)

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