Tuesday, 14 June 2011

It is with great pleasure I can FINALLY announce what my business will be!

*Dramatic drum roll please*
I want to start a UK based Digital Textile Printing Company.
Basically the idea is that I'll start by doing something similar to what Spoonflower and Fabric On Demand (if it takes off though I have some fabulous expansion ideas, but one must not get ahead of oneself), I will have a couple of digitex printers (basically they're like huge inkjet printers that you feed rolls of fabric into) and I can print basically anything onto fabric with them.
I love what Spoonflower and Fabric On Demand do, but shipping and customs fees (honestly the UK has REALLY BAD customs fees), mean that if I order from them it costs a fortune, so my solution is not to take Mohammed to the Mountain, but bring the Mountain to Mohammed so to speak and set up a similar service within the UK.
I'm going to write a market research survey at some point this week and it would be awesome if some of you guys filled it in (should only take a few minutes) :)

Today was the first day of the course I'm doing with The Prince's Trust to get my business started, it's actually a pretty fun course all given, it's all interactive sessions and no death by Powerpoint.
There's some really cool and interesting people also on the course with me, there's a girl who wants to be a reptile breeder and a guy who wants to run his own noodle van.
It's in a really nice venue to, The Royal Station Hotel, I think I may have to take my camera tomorrow and grab a few photos of it :)

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