Friday, 10 June 2011

Lets get some SHOES!

As I promised this post is a little more light hearted than my last few and is a tour of my shoe collection.
I decided to do this as a video, unfortunately the sound and the lighting are a bit pants so to speak, so I've given a little run down of what I'm waffling on about after the video.

This isn't my whole shoe collection, I'm missing a few.
First up are my plain black, every day shoes, I've had them quite a long time now and they're pretty beat up, but they're comfortable.
Then my Pleaser boots and a little anecdote about the time my friend's crazy ex-girlfriend punched my boyfriend, I saw red and walked over her foot, which made a pleasing crunch.
Then my tartan heels, I love these but I can't wear them much because I don't have many things they match and they're a size to small for me.
Then my Pleaser Dollys.
My fabulous, bargain, Florence and Fred strappy heels.
Then my favourite shoes, the light up Pole Dancing shoes (the batteries need changing though)
Finally my Thigh High Boots :)

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