Tuesday, 29 November 2011


Hi guys, I'm sorry I haven't been blogging lately, jut over a week ago I came down with what I thought was a cold, which then got worse and I thought was flu but I know suspect might actually be a throat infection.
Hopefully I will be better soon but until then I will be taking time off from blogging :(

Monday, 21 November 2011

Craft Post: Up-cycled Vintage Nightgown into a blouse

This blouse started life as a Vintage nightdress that I found in a box of things my Grandma had that had belonged to her sister.
Unfortunately it had a large chunk cut out of the bottom of it and was trimmed with some really itchy rachelle lace.
So I decided to trim it down and replace the lace with my own crocheted trims.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Now that my hair is longer I thought I'd give the hair challenge another go

Day 1: Your hair in it's natural state.
Day 2: Your hair waved
Day 3: Your hair in a Pony Tail
Day 4: Your hair in Pigtails
Day 5: Bubzbeauty inspired updo
Day 6: Your hair back combed
Day 7: Your hair in two English Plaits
Day 8: Your hair in wartime pincurls with a headscarf
Day 9: Your hair in two Rope Braids
Day 10: Fairytale braids
Day 11: Your hair in Big Bouncy Curls
Day 12: A weird 90's hairstlye I never did find the name of.
Day 13: Plaits at the front, backcomb at the back
Day 14: A Hime Hairstyle
Day 15: rag curls
Day 16: Your favourite hair accessories
Day 17: Your favourite hairstyle
Day 18: Your hair with falls
Day 19: Your hair with Princess Leia buns
Day 20: French Plait
Day 21: Miko hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 22: The hairstyle from Bloodmyer's Harijuku Girls video
Day 23: Hizaki hair adapted for heat free curls
Day 24: Bloodmyer's take on Hime Hair, adapted for heat free curls
Day 25: Riku hair- adapted for heat free curls
Day 26: Small "Lady Gaga" bow
Day 27: Mana Moix Dix Mois look hair
Day 28: Mana Malice Mizer look hair
Day 29: The Novella adapted for bumpit
Day 30: Fluffy Pigtails

Thursday, 17 November 2011

A-Z Of Me

I saw this on Eyelining Obsessions and figured it might be fun to try it myself.

A - Age – 22

B - Best holiday – Mera Luna this year, it felt more like a holiday without Kev vanishing into the photo pit every two seconds.

C - Chores you hate – Cleaning Stirfry's dish :/

D - Dogs – I grew up with two, Prudence and the Tinker.

E - Essential start to your day-  Two slices of toast and a scrape of Vegan margarine.

F - Favourite colour – Blue

G - Gold or silver – Silver, Gold usually doesn't look right on me.

H - Height – 5,10

I - Instruments you play – Guitar and Drums

J - Job title – Uh, flyer girl?

K - Kids – No thank you! 

L - Live – Currently residing in the original Washington.

M - Mother's name – Mam.

N - Nickname – Alex

O - Overnight hospital stays – A couple when I was little and needed grommets to help me hear.

P - Pet Peeves – negative people.

Q - Quote from a film – "I shall slip through the darkness like a dark slippery thing!"- Valentine from Mirrormask

R - Right or left handed – Right.

S - Siblings – One younger brother and a Step sister

T - Time you wake up – Varies depending on what I'm doing that day.

U - Underwear – Bloomers and a corset.

V - Vegetable you hate – I don't think there is one!

W - What makes you run late – Usually my boyfriend!

X - X-rays you've had – Several, I was a clumsy kid.

Y - Yummy food you make – Vegan chocolate cake.

Z - Zoo animal – Red Pandas

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Tuesday Tutorial - Curried Pumpkin Soup

Makes six servings


Half a large Pumpkin (or a whole smaller one)
At least one tea spoon of curry powder (more if you're feeling adventurous, although bare in mind this is supposed to be a winter warmer soup rather than an endurance test!)
One vegetable stock cube
One teaspoon of your preferred cooking oil (I used coconut oil because it has no taste)
Black pepper to taste
(optional) a tablespoon of Vegan Worcestershire Sauce.


Chop the pumpkin into small cubes and then heat the oil in a large saucepan.
When the oil is heated add the pumpkin and fry off with the curry powder for a few minutes until it softens.
Cover with water and crumble in the stock cube, if using the Worcestershire sauce add this now.
Cook on a high heat until the water reaches the boil and then turn the hob down to medium and cover with a pan lid.
Simmer for 30-40 minutes and then turn the heat of completely.
If you're lucky enough to be a Blendastick owner you can blend your soup in the pan, if not then transfer your soup (liquid and all) to your blender and blend until smooth.
If you don't have six mouths to feed this soup freezes incredibly well.

Monday, 14 November 2011

Day 29 – What do you think will happen to Goth in the future?

I think it will continue to envelope many other small subcultures, who knows some day we might quit calling Steampunks "Goths in brown" because some other group will have joined in the Gothery...Perhaps Goths in purple?

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Whitby and Scarborough: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

We spent most of Tuesday with Ghost, Queenie and The Klockwork Monsta around town.
We drank tea in Marie Antoinette's Tea Room (I have wanted to stop and have tea here ever since I spotted it the first time I was in Whitby).

Marie Antoinette's Tea room is a very beautiful little tea room close to the 199 steps up to the famous St Mary's Churchyard and Whitby Abbey.
The inside of the tearoom is decorated in a very vintage style (although some rooms are a little more Victorian than Rococo) and there are portraits of the famous, final, French Queen on most of the walls.

The downstairs room is pretty small, but there are two quirky little rooms upstairs filled with little treasures.
They have a moderate selection of teas (I'm not sure if they had any fancy coffees though as I wasn't paying attention...Fail on my part I'm sorry), and what looked to be some very delicious cakes for the non Vegans.

Afterwards we wandered around the kooky and cute little shops around the area, for tea lovers a must is the little shop nearby that sells leaf tea blends ranging from normal English Breakfast to unusual blends such as Lapsang Souchong  (described by the first person who ever sold me a cup as smelling like Smoky Bacon, and he was right!) and Sweet Almond blend (which I eventually bought a bag of). 
The tea leaves are very reasonably priced, most blends being only £2 for a 100gram bag, and given that one teaspoon of Sweet Almond blend is giving me a rather beautiful pot full of tea I suspect this may last me quite some time.

Some Pumpkins above Russel's chippie

Back on the other side of the river we found some vintage jewellery shops and a small craft fair with a Gothic touch where I bought a fabulous watch broach (photo soon).

On Tuesday Kev and I headed over to Scarborough to visit The Sea Life Centre.
To get to Scarborough from Whitby you need to take a bus that takes an hour, we got on the earliest one we could so that we could spend as much of the day as we could in Scarborough.
As it was so early I ended up falling asleep on the bus (glamorous I know...) and woke up to hear one of the other passengers telling a story about the first time he encountered Goths in Whitby.
The story amused me so I thought I would share:
When he was eight years old he saw a hearse coming down the road and stopping next to one of the pubs, he assumed that the landlord had died so he stopped to pay his respects and then a bunch of drunk Goths fell out of the hearse.

When we reached Scarborough we headed straight for The Sea Life Centre, which is a little bit of a trek from the bus stop, but still it was a nice walk along the beach.
Kevin :)

The centre was undergoing some renovations when we visited so we were unable to see the Octopi, which was a shame as Kev had really wanted to see them, but we did get to see an assortment of fish, sharks, turtles, otters and seals.

My favourites were the amazing sea dragons who were cunningly camouflaged so that if you just looked at them quickly you would mistake them for a piece of seaweed.

I totally reverted back to childhood around the ray tank, they were so beautiful I could have sat and watched them for hours if it wasn't that I really wanted to touch a crab and watch the otters being fed.

The one thing I didn't like was the way the seal sanctuary was laid out so that you could see the poor injured seals recovering.
I understand that the object was to educate people on the dangers of seals getting caught in fishing nets or swallowing rubbish, but I just found it really disrespectful to the seals to let people look through glass at them while they were suffering, and I can't imagine what it must be like during peak season with kids banging on the glass.
Poor seals :(

After The Sea Life Centre we went for a stroll through Peasholm Park.
Peasholm Park is a lovely Victorian Park, modelled after traditional Japanese Gardens, all be it done in a rather amusing Victorian fusion way (brick Pagodas anyone?).

The park is also the home of an amazing miniature boat show that I saw as a child, unfortunately it was out of season so we were unable to see it on this visit.

The park is home to a flock of Canada geese and a lot of grey squirrels as well as an art trail and a miniature railway.

On Thursday we started by walking around the harbour area so I could take some photos of the boats, lobster pots and pretty buildings nearby.

In the afternoon we headed to Pannet Park.

Pannet Park seems to be Georgian given some of the design features (although I don't know for sure).
Pannet Park is also home to many squirrels, and a small museum and tea rooms (although we didn't visit those this time).

Afterwards we went for Thai food.

Friday I had breakfast at Java (note: They do the best Vegetarian breakfasts in town), and then went for a look around the stalls at the Leisure Centre and The Spa for the Official Goth weekend.
In my opinion apart from a couple of exceptions the stalls in The Leisure Centre weren't as good as the ones from the previous week, and a lot of them didn't seem very "Goth" :/
There were some nice looking things in The Spa though.
Afterwards we came home. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Monday

On Monday we didn't do a huge amount during the day, we did a little wandering, watched some TV.
I'm a little disappointed in myself for completely forgetting about the Victorian and Steampunk picnic as I had wanted to go, but these things happen.

In the evening we headed out to the Met for Manic Monday, which was S+M themed this time.
I went out in an outfit inspired by Fetish Ponygirls mixed with a bit of a Deathrock look, I had originally intended to wear PVC leggings but the ones I ordered from ebay turned out to not be PVC like they said in the description, nor the size they claimed to be so I ended up with the skirt, which in retrospect kind of worked out better than the leggings would have.

Again I had a great time, did plenty of dancing (slightly more than the previous night) and had a few bottles of my poison of choice (Crabbies Alcoholic Ginger Beer), and swooshed my riding crop around in an amusing manner.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Sunday

Slightly disturbed by how shiny my face is in this picture.

Sunday I met up with Hutchy_Cheese and her boyfriend for a nice cup of tea in Sherlock's Tearoom.
I'd not been in Sherlocks until then, it's a lovely little place with a very cosy interior and their selection of cakes looks amazing (they don't have a Vegan choice, but for those of you non-Vegans if their cupcakes taste as good as they look then you are in for a treat).
Afterwards we took a look around the stalls at the Leisure Centre.
There seemed to be rather a lot of hats this year, which is great because I love hats, but at the same time not so great because I was a little lacking in funds this time and couldn't afford any :(

Afterwards I met up with Kev and we went for Sunday dinner at The Vineyard.
For my starter I had their roasted red pepper soup and Kev had their creamy garlic mushrooms.
My soup was delicious, I don't think I've ever had a nicer red pepper soup before, and Kev seemed to enjoy his mushrooms.
My main was a mushroom and pepper (again!) risotto, initially there didn't seem to be very much of it but looks were deceiving and it filled me up leaving no space for desert!
Again it was very nice though.

After that we headed back to our holiday home to chill for a few hours until it was time to go to Sexy Sunday.
The theme this time was True Blood, unfortunately I don't have anything that really resembles anything from True Blood, so I just went out in Lolita with fangs.
Kev's fangs refused to mould to his teeth so he had to go fangless, and thus I guess went as dinner perhaps?

For a donation to the Northumberland Cats Protection Society you could pose with the coffin I am pictured with above at both Sexy Sunday and Manic Monday, and combined with the money raised from the raffle I'm told they raised £459 for Cats Protection and Labrador Welfare in Sheffield.

The bar in the Met had a couple of new things since our last visit so we ended up with a jug of Southern Comfort between us (seemed like a good idea at the time but when it was just two of us we ended up not really drinking it quick enough and the ice melted and made it a little weird :/) and then shots of Southern Comfort with Tabasco Sauce in them (I know it sounds weird but trust me it really worked).

The music played was mostly what we like to hear and so we managed to do plenty of silly dancing, 'twas a fun night :)

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Saturday


I woke up on Saturday feeling fine and perky, Kev on the other hand was a wee bit hungover, so I made breakfast (cooked of course, nothing says holiday like a decent cooked breakfast to start the day), and then headed up to the leisure centre to help out Queenie on the Forever in Black stall.

Goth Ducky!

On my way over I spotted some ducks, and was fascinated by the dark green/black mallard pictured above. I've never seen one like that before, it was beautiful.

Saturday outfit

My outfit for the day was a little sweeter than what I'm used to, the dress was bought for me as a gift from a family member , and I'm fairly sure it's a replica of a brand dress, but it was a gift and I'm grateful for gifts so I'm happy to wear it (though I have explained about replicas and why I prefer original designs for the future).
I'm not really used to wearing sweet so if anybody has any tips for how I can better accesorise this dress let me know :)

Helping out on the stall was actually pretty fun and I got tea, a baked potato and a new dark fairytale purse for my troubles :)

Unfortunately the Vampire Ball was sold out so we were unable to attend that, so instead Kev and I headed to the Res to see Alice Moving Under Skies and Winter in Eden.

As you know I've seen Alice Moving Under Skies a whole bunch of times now, I really enjoy them even though I've seen them a whole bunch of times now.
This is the second time I have seen them since Robert "The Magician" became their bassist, the first time was at DV8 (which seems FOREVER AGO now), and I was kind of squeezed into the room like a sardine and ended up having to make my way out two songs into the next band because I thought I was going to pass out.

This time we managed to get up near the front (I think the only people in front of us were some slightly rowdy monks...#thisisperfectlynormalnothingtoseehereatall), thus it was possible to breathe and enjoy the set.
I personally think that Robert adds a lot to the band, even without the magic tricks (sword swallowing anybody?).

Winter in Eden were great but I think I was a little to tired to really appreciate them (two tired on the second night? I'm such a weakling...I know...).

Monday, 7 November 2011

Whitby Alt Fest October 2011: Friday

Alexa De Strange

On Friday the 28th October, Kev and I made our bi-annual trip to the beautiful little seaside town of Whitby.

My Traveling Outfit: Onion dyed blouse, Memento Mori underbust corset, hand made Jolly Roger skirt, Poundland socks and...Don't shoot me...Trainers! (I needed them for the walking).

This time we stayed in a little apartment on the opposite side of the river to where we usually stay, it was a nice place but a bit more of a hike than we're used to so in future I think we'll try and stay a little nearer to the bridge if we're on that side.

After a little shopping, some food and a bit of settling in we changed and headed out to The Res to see Alexa De Strange.

My outfit for the night, a silk Laura Ashley dress I borrowed from Queenie.

There seemed to be some confusion over weather it was Alexa De Strange or Lupine playing first, but it turned out to be Alexa De Strange, they seemed to do quite a long soundcheck (amusingly the TVs behind the bar were showing An Audience With Barry Manilow on mute...Alexa De Strange Soundcheck + Barry's Jazz hands 0__________________o).

Fortunatly they were worth the slight wait, and turned out to be a lot better than I was expecting (although I admit I'm still not to keen on "Babydoll").

At around this point photos of the ceiling started to happen

After Alexa De Strange, we bumped into our friends The Captain and Carroll and ended up on a mini pub crawl with them.

First we went to The Elsinore, I've not made it in there before so I felt the need to take a wonky photo 0.o

Minnie Mouse Pumpkin outside The Little Angel

I *think* this is in The Little Angel

After The Little Angel we ended up in a pub on the other side of the river (The Endeavour maybe?) where presumably, since I Facebook statused "EFF YEAH THIN LIZZY!" they had Thin Lizzy on the Jukebox.

I took a seemingly random picture of a pint...Maybe it made sense at the time?

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Backski! Brief Whitby Round Up Post

Marie Antoinette's Tea Room

Oh what a week, I have so much to blog about over the next few days, way to much to contain in one blog post.
Rest assured there will be pretty pictures, anecdotes and outfit shots galore over the next few posts :)

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