Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 59

Been a while since I posted an update on the armpit fuzz, so here we are, it looks way more impresive in person!
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Monday, 28 July 2014

Seven Alternative Shudders

Laranja - Capitol Hill
Think "Red Shoes" but with a murderous Sooty Puppet instead and you have this gem of a video!

Ready to hear you
Super soft and lovely voice with a feel good video

"Falling" by LOVESUCKER
More chilled out easy to listen to soft rock, great for summer barbecues.

Antonio Bastos - Talk To The Song
Time to wake back up with some dancy electro music. Got to love a bit of Space Drums now and then!

Harmaline - Waterboard
Female fronted, moody rock.

The Mouth of Ghosts - Wrong
Kind of an extra tinkl-y mid-90's Garbage. Probably my favourite this week.

The Doerfels - They Don't Know
Powerful emotive rock with... Wait is that a ukulele?

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Comic saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans!


I have no objection to horses, I love them but these guys kept slowing down so the bus I was on was stuck behind them, then when the driver tried to overtake (whilst being very careful to stay far enough out of the way as to not spook the horses) they tried to race the bus and yelled abuse at the driver.
If you are going to be so reckless towards the safety of your horses you don't deserve them.

From place to plate

Home grown onions NOM NOM NOM 

Fried them up with some potatoes and tinned tomatoes, tore up some home grown spinach just before I turned the heat off and the had them with two pieces of Tesco mock chicken.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sunbathing in Sulgrave!

The view from my balcony!

Ok I lied, this is the real view.

Spinach update


Almond tree

Lately I have started drinking Amaretto when I want to drink spirits, it makes a nice change from vodka or Jagermeister.
It started when we were given a small bottle of  Disaronno the Christmas before last and I thought it tasted like cake. So sweet and almondy, it was delicious!
Some time last year Kev bought two bottles of a generic brand of Amaretto from the supermarket, and they just weren't as good, they were ok and everything but they tasted like fake almond essence.
A few weeks back we had Disaronno again, yum yum yum!
This weekend Kev picked up a bottle of Amaretto Di Antonio which was pretty cheap, but actually it's really nice! More of a roasted almond taste than Disaronno.
Yum yum yum

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Lord, what fools these mortals be!

Captain of our fairy band,
Helena is here at hand,
And the youth, mistook by me,
Pleading for a lover's fee.
Shall we their fond pageant see?
Lord, what fools these mortals be!

A Midsummer Nights Dream Act 3, scene 2, 110–115

I don't think I have ever wanted to move away from Sulgrave quite as much as I do now.
So for a few years now it has been painfully obvious that there are a couple of racists living nearby. In the building next to mine someone hung a St George's Cross in their flat window that had "EDL" (English Defence League ) scrawled in the corners with marker pen (it also had The Sun Newspaper's logo on it suggesting that it was one of the mass produced in China ones the paper gave away free one world cup, which I suppose shows a fantastic sense of English pride).
There is a guy in our building that I see now and again wearing bike leathers with the National Front logo painted on the back, he held the gate open for me once and I suddenly realised I should be somewhere else and U-turned. I like to think of myself as fairly liberal, open-minded and accepting of other people's opinions, but I draw the line at accepting help from someone who's opinions deliberately hurt people. 
Last year our local Miners parade was followed down the road by three EDL guys on motorbikes, I'm pretty sure they were an unofficial tag along but it still made me feel quite uneasy.
So today I had to walk into town to buy vegetables, on my way I passed three flyers pasted to lampposts by the "North East Infidels" going on about the grooming of children, having seen the name I was already pretty convinced that this would be racists trying to tempt people in with smoke and mirrors. 
Of course any decent person is against the grooming of children, but this is how the right wing lure people in, talk about the things that everybody can agree on before hitting them with the poison.
Sure enough when I looked up North East Infidels... Yup racists, many of them former EDL by the look of it, the flag in the building next door is gone now, I guess this is why, he's moved on.
The real kicker about this?
Two of the flyers were posted next to the two primary school, they claim to be against grooming children, and yet here they are themselves grooming children to follow their hate filled causes.
If they are really against child abuse, how come they only talk about it when the perpetrators are not the same colour or religion as them?
The vast majority of paedophiles in this country are white, why do they never talk about them?

HOTD - Crown Rolls!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Pride - Bit of a mixed bag this year

So Saturday was Northern Pride, well so was Friday, and Sunday but those were a bit more music based and I don't fit the stereotype when it comes to music so I did as I have done ever since the first march in Newcastle and joined the march, this year since he wasn't working until 3am the night before Kev came along and got to experience Pride as an ally and to support me!

This year's outfit was Bondage Fairy inspired, I had initially planned on a red bra but it was nipple skirtingly low so I went with the blue one instead, kind of annoyed that it didn't quite look as good.as red would have but well, I'm a chicken. Bock bock. Corset, tutu and wand loaned from Forever in Black, rope work by my lovely Mister. Stuck in flat shoes because while my sprain is now healed I didn't trust my right ankle not to play up if I was stuck in heels all day.

It was a little damp, which made it seem not as warm as it actually was causing my to end up with sunburnt boobs, Asda whacked some stickers on my cleavage before said burning and now I have white circles on my cleavage! 
One thing that disappointed me about this year's march was commercialisation though, some people from Nandos turned up with a massive banner that read "Peri Peri Pride", two stilt walkers and a guy dressed as a chicken (presumably because ha ha ha "gays like cock am I right?) and it really weirded me out because I don't see what Nandos has to do with being gay? I mean cool that they want to show their support and all, several companies turned out to show their support, some with banners that had slogans about equality and a small logo or company name in the corner, some with stickers, and some just had a couple of people turn up in their work uniforms to be part of the march, but when your banner is twice the size of anybody else's and actually blocks out banners that do have something to do with Pride and were made by LGBTQA groups then I just find that pretty gross really. Did we forget somewhere along the line why gay pride started in the first place? Surely gay pride should be about fighting for equality and celebrating how far we've come since the Stonewall riots, not blatant capitalism? People are being kidnapped and tortured in Russia, correctivly raped in the Middle East, murdered in Nigeria, do you think those people give a stuff about Peri Peri chicken or Burger King's "Pride Whopper"?

Speaking of whoppers haha, so yeah mid-march the guy with the Asda stickers decided to censor me!
After the march came what used to be (until this year apparently) known as The Pink Picnic. See before we had a march in Newcastle there used to be an annual gay pride picnic held in Leazes park every year, I never went because I wasn't aware of it and I wasn't out yet but one of my old youth leaders spoke quite highly of it. When the marches started they originally ended with the pink picnic, a few years back it was decided that people could no longer bring their own alcohol because it was a safety risk and they'd have to buy it on site instead, which I am pretty sure is not the reason (fairly certain that's because they can make money that way but they can also monitor how much is sold so I suppose that can kind of be forgiven), the year after that the end point was changed to Exhibition Park, and stuff like fairground rides started creeping in amongst the stalls offering information on LGBTQA friendly services, health and the musicians, drag acts and poets. This year people who brought food were told to either bin it or turned away, there was no warning of this anywhere. I had considered bringing my own food this year as the last few years the food prices had been creeping up but I ended up not brining any and was thankfully let in, but a lot of other people were pretty disappointed by this, mostly because no warning that this would happen was given. Apparently the vegetarian choices from the greasy food vans were pretty poor too. 

The stalls seemed really weirdly set out this year, and several of them seemed to have pretty much nothing to do with gay pride, but thankfully they were outnumbered by those that were. Picked up lots of information booklets, free pens and stress balls. Kind of disappointed that despite people feeding back that this is an issue every year that a couple of the surveys and mailing lists to sign up to still only had the options of "male" and "female" under gender and "straight", "gay" or "bisexual" under sexuality, you'd think that people would you know... Think that at an event specifically for LGBTQA people that there might be people who don't fit into the gender binary or sexualities other than straight and LGB there. Thankfully though there did seem to be less surveys with that problem this year.
Overall I mostly did still enjoy Pride, I just found it eerily commercial this time, I hope this changes next year.

Bonus creep shaming.
So when I woke up this morning I disovered I had a friend request and a message from this chap who's name I am not going to censor because fuck this guy and his lack of respect for women. Not sure how readable this screenshot will be so here's a copy paste of his delightful message:

  • Conversation started today
  • Liam Donaldson
    Liam Donaldson

    i dunno how ive come over your profile but i was working at pride yesterday and seen you, wow your tits are big hahaha x"

    Thanks so much for seeing me as a human being Liam and not as an object! Oh no wait, the other one. It's so nice to see professional conduct is alive and well in 2014. Put in a complaint to the Pride organisers, given that he said he was working (I'm unsure if he was an official steward, security -who I think we're an outside hire- working on a stall or one of the bars or what) I thought that I would bring to their attention of the sexual harassment panda in their mists. Yes I might have a bit of cleavage on display but that doesn't make it appropriate for you to find my Facebook profile and message me about it.

That Awkward Moment When

You look up and notice the cheese grater creeping on you!

Sailor Moon Crystal - Episode 2 Thoughts

Fan art by Nardak

I have seen the original anime in both it's dubbed version and subtitled several times through, although I'm really bad at remembering the Japanese character names so I'll be referring characters as their westernised names within this post, I have also read a few of the mangas but not all because I've never had the cash to be able to justify completing my collection when I have so many other things I want or need to get first. I have unfortunately never managed to find a dubbed or subtitled version of the live action Sailor Moon. from what I've read Sailor Moon Crystal is a lot closer to the manga than the original anime is.
In order to compare the episodes respectively I watched both the original anime and Sailor Moon Crystal ( you can watch SMC on Hulu in some countries, I couldn't get that to play here in the UK so I googled and found a stream of it on another site, however I'm not sure how legal the stream is so I'm not going to link to it).
From this point onwards THAR BE SPOILERS!

Firstly SMC seems to be rushing to unite the scouts a lot quicker than SMO did. In SMO it took until episode 8 for Serena and Ami to meet, part of me quite likes this because Serena did a lot of whinnying on her own and needed bailing out by Tuxedo Mask quite a lot, whereas SMC seems to hint quite strongly in the theme song that there is going to be a lot less emphasis on Tuxedo Mask swooping in and saving everybody and more on the Sailor Scouts helping themselves out, but part of me is sad about the omission of "Talk Radio" where Serena first uses the disguise pen and "Slim City" which has a very body positive message to it.
We get our first glimpse of Queen Beryl in this episode (in contrast to SMO where almost every episode opens on her scolding Jedite), explaining Jedite's position and hinting at the purpose of the Negaverse, slightly disappointed at the lack of random shadow-y monsters all over the place, but well can't win 'em all. Jedite explains that he is one of four Kings, the other presumably being Nephrite, Zoisite and Malachite.

SMC didn't go down the same route of assuming that Ami is an agent of the Negaverse like SMO did, and I actually really like that because I didn't really think that was too strong a storyline, when if you watch the opening titles it's fairly obvious that Ami is Sailor Mercury, I find that it flows a lot better in SMC because of this. I also prefer that Mercury's transformation pen and the disguise pen (I loved Serena's tantrum at the machine by the way) were prizes in the Sailor V video game machine, it makes the sequence of Ami playing the game a lot more of a plot point rather than a seaway for her to be late for her computer class as in SMO.
I also really like the sequence where Serena hits Darien in the face with the flyer for the computer class as you get slightly more of a hint as to how he knows where to show up as Tuxedo Mask, although I find it pretty irritating that he walks around in his tux all day... Who does that? I miss his green jumper!

I vastly prefer the fight in SMC to the one in SMO, it's obvious that Serena is still frightened and unsure, but Ami leaps in to help her new friend out in a much more natural way, and I like that while Tuxedo Mask helps out, he doesn't just take over and save the day like he used to in SMO.
And the glimpse of Rei at the end?
In all I like this episode much, much more than the first and I am looking forward to episode 3!

Seven Songs For This Week

So I have been posting a song every day for the past few weeks and I feel a bit like it's distracting away from my main blog themes. So I decided to pick seven songs every Monday instead.

I pick these tunes in partnership with Promolta, and I am not going to lie I am paid if people watch the videos, however I won't post any old junk. I am only posting videos from bands that I think will appeal to you my readers.

Joe Perrino ~ Giovanottello
So that means I will be posting mostly Alternative, Rock, Metal and EDM, but not just any Alternative, Rock, Metal and EDM oh no!

Psycho Mad Sally- World Fits The Kitchen
I work my way through the lists of available videos and pick out the best. I am only picking out videos that I myself like because I don't want any generic unmemorable tracks taking up space here.

Elektrik People - The Lost Get Loud

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Danny Blu - Set Me on Fire

Really interesting concept video combining high-school politics and religion.
Also men in corsets!  

Friday, 18 July 2014

Latest BzzAgent Package!

How cute is the tape?

Oooh yummy biscuits!

Go Ahead Chocolate Orange Thins

Go Ahead Strawberry Yogurt Breaks

And Go Ahead Apple Slices

Dirty Knees!

Notturna Dentro Me

Every now and then something comes along that completely knocks my socks off. this is one of those songs.

Monday, 14 July 2014

Hard Easy Semi Correct - Absolute Play

I was a bit "tied up" yesterday!

So this happened at the weekend!

Basically I want to do pretty rope-y pictures because I love pretty rope-y shoots but you very rarely see them with any kind of body diversity, so my other half is learning to tie me up safely (because it’s not that I don’t trust youtube tutorials, it’s more that they can’t stop us if we do something wrong and don’t realise).

Friday, 11 July 2014


Lots of food posts lately, I thought you might forget what my face looked like!

Dinner last night

I made stir fried vegetables as a side dish last night. I used onion, carrot, mushroom, bell pepper, the pac choi I grew and a little black bean sauce.

Kev had his with glazed meat and rice, I had mine with aubergine bakes and rice.

The first of this years garden harvest


Spinich beet leaves

Pak choi

Mooli leaves

[Insert Words Here] - I Plead Irony

If you don't love videos with sock puppets then you have no soul as far as I'm concerned!

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