Welcome to Queens of the Wild Frontier

Hi, I'm Alexandria Web, Vain, shoe obsessed, sex positive, tight-lacing, Feminist. Victorian Underwear model.
This is my blog, Queen's of the Wild Frontier, and much like me it's constantly evolving.
Expect Gothic Fashion that mostly errs on the side of Lolita, inter-sectional Feminism and dark parties.

Ten Things About Me

  1. I'm currently a corsetry student, learning to make steel boned corsets under the guidance of the wonderful Queenie from Forever in Black.
  2. Other things I do at the moment include running around trying to find the right brand of vodka for (mostly Industrial) bands and carrying around speakers and PA systems for RFTK Promotions, stamping hands and counting change at Charnel House, Dark Nation, Shock Therapy and Lockdown.
  3. I model, mostly for Forever in Black but I also do other bits and bobs here, mostly corsetry and background artistry in music videos, please see my fan page for details if you're interested in booking me. *clicky*
  4. I have a step kitty, his name is Stirfry. I post pictures of him sometimes.
  5. My claims to fame include being featured on Kawaii International's episode on Plus Sized J-Fashions and being told I had great hair by Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrat Party while he stalled for time thinking of an answer to my question about the NHS.
  6. My fiancĂ© proposed to me in the Sahara Desert, there's a video of the moment here: *clicky* 
  7. I'm Childfree, mostly by choice, but I recently discovered I have a weird shaped uterus and probably shouldn't try and conceive anyway. I'm quite happy with this because while I like children, I also like being able to hand them back to their parents and then getting eight hours of sleep a night.
  8. I like to collect weird and wonderful shoes and boots.
  9. I realised my fiancé and I were meant to be together when I first walked into his flat and spotted that an entire wall was made up classic Dr Who VHS. We're currently updating the collection to DVD.
  10. My favourite Dr is Tom Baker, although I think John Pertwee had some better stories, of the new Doctors, my favourite is David Tennent, although I am warming to Peter Capaldi a lot. My favourite assistants are Ace, Sarah Jane Smith, Jamie McCrimmon and Donna Noble. I'd give you a list of favourite episodes but we'd be here all week.

Why I Blog

To cut a long story short I like to have adventures, and I like to read about other people's adventures, so I feel it's only fair to talk about mine too.
I find writing very therapeutic, and every now and then I like to look back at some of my old posts to remember things I've done, and see how far I've come not only as a blogger but as a person.

and finally the quote I live by:

“Let me give you some advice, bastard: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you.” - Tyrion Lannister


  1. Your majesty :-):

    I sent an email to you which bounced back, so I wanted to make sure that you knew that the final participant list has been posted on the Virtual Vegan Potluck website. I'd appreciate it if you could take a look at it - my eyes aren't what they used to be - and also this is where you can see which blog is ahead of yours in the "chain" and which comes after yours. You can find the list here: http://virtualveganpotluck.com/may-2013/

    Also, if you have questions, don't hesitate to contact me, but you can also look here: http://virtualveganpotluck.com/resources/how-it-works/

    Very glad to have you in the Potluck! See you on Saturday! - Annie

    1. Hi Annie,

      Not really sure why that's happening, maybe I miss-typed y email address or something?
      Thanks for getting in contact though, I'm looking forward to being a part of this again :)

    2. Hi there,
      Im part of the Vegan Potluck, scheduled to follow Fresh Princess of Bon Air. She did not post and therefore me and everyone after me is not linked. Can you PLEASE change your go forward link from her blog link to mine?? My link is: http://www.bakingbackwards.blogspot.ca/2013/05/virtual-vegan-potluck-my-dessert-table.html

      THank you!!!


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