Saturday, 30 June 2012

Hair of the day 30/06/2012

 Inverted French Twist with four stranded "Norse" Braid
 Braid detail
Twist detail

I'm very happy with how this came out, it's super quick and easy :)

Deciding which of my bracelets look better on my face!

I like this one but I'm concerned the teapot might get in the way!

Just a bit of sillyness going through all of my bracelets today to see if any of them look better worn on my face :)

I think this one looks a little Steampunk!

I like the contrast of the red colour on this one with my hair!

Friday, 29 June 2012

Down the river there's a ship will carry the dream

my building when I got home last night!

Yesterday we had three months worth of rain in less than three hours!
I was sitting at my mam's house with my grandma, my mam and dad were out getting Star back from the vets after her operation (neutering), when the black clouds suddenly began to roll in.

"Looks like rain I mused"

In rolled the thunder and some spectacular lightning, didn't realise it at the time but it hit the Tyne Bridge:

Oh Em Gee!

Just as my parents got back (around 3pm) the rain started (it was like something out of Lost I swear, there was nothing and then SUDDENLY EXTREMELY HEAVY RAIN!), poor Star had a giant cone on her head to stop her getting at her stitches so she had to be towel dried.

Every now and then the rain eased a little but then started again stupidly heavy, by 5 (which is when I was due to go home) it looked pretty clear it wasn't stopping any time soon so I texted Kev to let him know I was staying at my mam's until the rain stopped or eased off a bit, only to get a text back saying that it had taken him 45 minutes to do what was usually a ten minute journey because near where he was working was flooded, the metros (our subway system) had all stopped because a lot of them were flooding they weren't being replaced with buses and a lot of the buses were off anyway.

Airport metro station

About half an hour later I got a text to say he'd managed to make it to Gateshead and onto a 56 bus which would go past the top of my mam's road, so I went out to get that bus.
Now usually it takes around 15-20 minutes for the 56 to make it from Gateshead to the top of my mam's street but the traffic was an absolute NIGHTMARE in both directions.
Half an hour after I got to the bus stop a guy in a suit walked past who said he'd walked from the centre of Newcastle and was heading to Sunderland (this is about a 10 mile journey) because he'd seen the metros were off, took one look at the roads and realised it would be quicker to walk.
About 45 minutes later and the bus Kev was on pulled up, there were so many people on it that for most of the journey I was squashed up at the front of the bus!

Not on my bus route but I saw this when I got home

As we went through Springwell village (which I have never seen flooded before) parts of it resembled a White Water Rafting Centre 0.o
When we finally got home I took the photo at the top of the page and a couple of our car park:

It's a bit scary that this is Washington where it "wasn't so bad"

Once I got on Facebook it was like "WALL O' FLOOD!" with everybody posting their photos and videos, our local subreddits were similar, I mean how scary is this photo from Heworth (which is where my nearest Metro Station is).

I have to admit I did giggle profusely at this...I think the bins are heading south for the summer...

Hair of the Day 29/06/2012

Just a quick one today before the drama of the flood!


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Hair of the day 27/06/2012

Slightly adapted braided chignon today

 It's from another of La Dolly Vita's tutorials 

I don't like Twilight but it's a pretty style :)

Just waiting for Kev to be on radio 6 in about 25 minutes :D 

It's ok...I have an apple and an orange!

Vodka Paddling pools - IE: The Glamour that is my life!

So yesterday I could hardly move, today I'm not really in that much better of a state...I have managed to pull muscles I didn't even know existed...BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!

On Monday I helped out at the Combichrist gig in Northumbria Uni, I haven't been in Northumbria's student Union IN YEARS and they seem to have re-decorated a little, when I first walked in I seemed to morph into Klockwork Monsta and was all like "I want to lick the lighting rig, it looks sooooo good!"

But yeah anyway hahaha...Pretty much the first thing I did was slapped myself down on the floor and began inflating a bright pink kid's paddling pool (using the power of my lungs!), much to the amusement of the Northumbria staff 0.o 
For newer readers the vodka paddling pool was kind of explained here  and if you're still confused the short answer is it was on Surgyn's rider and it's all Eisenfunk's fault!

After that the plan was for me to go meet Surgyn at the train station, pick up their vodka on the way, NOT LET THEM KNOW I HAVE IT then help them carry their stuff to the venue.
Sounds easy?
It's funny how you don't realise how far half a mile can be until you have a huge keyboard over your shoulder 0.o
Note to self, if my upper body strength is not vastly improved by next time take a taxi...

I kind of left them collapsed at the front of the venue, flailed up the stairs, spluttered "Surgyn, downstairs, gear help please" and then sunk into a sofa where Queenie revived me with a sandwich, while I told her I loved her numerous times 0.o

I had literally had one bite of sandwich when I realised I still had the vodka and had to run down to Surgyn's dressing room to put the vodka in the paddling pool before they got there!
Still they seemed to like the vodka paddling pool, it made it to their fanpage!

The card my Mam made for Joe :)

A bit of mediocre helper monkey stuff later (seriously typing up a blow by blow account of finding none de-cafinated coffee would bore us all to death so I won't bother) and I got to hand over the Unicorn card my mam ( Alter Ego Greeting Cards) hand made for Combichrist.

Joe and said card :D

I was actually pretty happy to hear that Joe still has the first card my Mam made them a few years back when they played Legends

A slightly shocked looking Joe and Trevor with the original card a few (two I think?) years back.

Then more workey stuff for a while before Deadfilmstar went on stage (next few photos by Kev36663 )
I wasn't really to fond of their sound so I collapsed into a chair backstage, suddenly realised I was kind of hungry and managed to devour half a melon 0.o

Next up were Surgyn, seen here apparently doing the YMCA or something 0.o They really suited being on a decent sized stage actually, and I'm really into their new song!

I wasn't really sure what to expect from Jayce Lewis having previously only heard one song, but he was FANTASTIC I was pretty sure there was no way on earth Combichrist would be able to top his performance.

I was wrong! BEST GIG EVER!

I did manage to get a photo with Joe and Z Marr, however it's on Queenie's camera and she's not uploaded it yet, so I'll add it to a picspam entry at some point :)

P.S. The Apple and Orange thing was Abbey Nex's addition to the buffet table...Apples and Oranges will be my answer to everything now!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Anybody know where I can get heart shaped sun glasses and a good body guard? ;)

Screenshot taken by the ever wonderful Klockwork Monsta! - From Snog, Marry, Avoid (Series 5, episode 7)


So way back in January I got an email about how Snog, Marry, Avoid were looking for weird and wonderful looking folk to appear on their new series.
Snog, Marry, Avoid is one of my biggest guilty pleasures, it's not like other make-over shows and so I decided to apply, not really expecting much.
A few hours later I got an email back asking me to send some photos of my wildest looks.
I sent some in Lolita, some from when I had GIANT fake dreads and some pictures from various jaunts to Whitby Goth Weekend and the Mera Luna festival. I guess they preferred the Goth stuff to the Lolita, but I'm happy either way.

They eventually decided they quite liked this look but that I should go along without my eye make up on and they would film me putting my eye make-up on. Oh and they wanted me to whip my eyebrows off...I hadn't done that in months...Oh and they wanted me to "Vamp it up a bit" so I decided to wear fangs! 0.o
Okey dokey.

On the actual filming day I spent quite a lot of the day between Pret a Manger (which had me in fits of giggles because I kept thinking about Covenant's Pret a Manger story they told Kev and I on that random shoe shopping trop we did with them 0.o) and the posh Greggs...Yes this is Newcastle...We have a posh Greggs...Ellie loved it apparently, bit gutted I never got to meet Ellie but she was probably just too shy to meet the Queen of the Freaks ;)

Snog, Marry, Avoid - Series 5, Episode 7

Just before the actual filming itself it started bucketing down with rain, and in the time it took me to get set up with a radio mic (battery pack hidden in my petticoat OH THE HUGE MANATEES! and cable up through my dress and curled around inside my bolero) and then dive over from Pret a Manger to the little Winnebago thing (the sort of white box thing in the opening credits of the show) my hair flattened :(

The filming itself took around ten minutes, the initial five minutes were me talking to POD (I say talking, more like we bounced our bitchyness off each other!), I was filmed baring my fangs a few times (I've since been told that the BBC LOVE FANGS so this I guess is why!), POD asked about my look, why I wear it and then tried to christen me "The Vampire of the North!" to which I replied that isn't me, but I do know her! I told part of the back story of why I'm Queen of the Freaks.
Next I was timed putting on my eye-make up, I was given three minutes...It took me two just to draw on my brows! EEK!!! I also managed to put my false lashed on the wrong way around so I looked a little bit of a fright...Kind of glad in ways that they decided to go for not using that part lol!
Finally POD gave her verdict on my look and made a comment on my scary eyes, to which I bitched back "How would you know? You don't even have eyes POD!"
POD Then repeated "I am the Personal Overhaul Device!" several times before the door popped open and I was shown out ;)

Over all, I had a lot of fun and really want to have another go at being on TV! (hopefully for longer this time!)
I had to sign a contract that meant I couldn't talk about it until now, so I hope you all understand :)

If you missed the episode, it's repeated on BBC 3 this Thursday at 2:55 am, Friday at 20:30, Saturday at 3am, and once more on Monday at 3:55am, it's also on iplayer for the rest of this week if you're in the UK just click here
If you're outside of the UK, I'm not sure how to go about checking if any of your channels play it, but apparently Sweeden gets the UK version of Snog, Marry, Avoid at some point!

edit: forgot to add in that my wonderful boyfriend is on BBC6 radio tomorrow at approx 4.45pm on Steve Lamacq's show and you should all listen to that ;)

Sunday, 24 June 2012


Not sure if I will get to blog tomorrow because I will be helping out at the Combichrist gig at Northumbria Uni (which is where all the cool kids will be so if you're in the area, get there too! :D)
If you're not in the area thought you should watch Snog, Marry Avoid at 10:30pm on BBC3, and perhaps catch sight of a familiar face? ;)

The Sunday Round Up 24/06/2012

Monday: The Art of Losing Sleep - Hellkite Monarch seriously beautiful fantasy artwork

Tuesday: Dominion Magazine - Interview with William Control The interview Kev did with William Control that I mentioned a few days ago :)

Friday: Stitch Punk - Urban Threads Flikr round up a round up of some projects using Urban Threads embroideries...This time including someone you might recognise!

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Euphemia de Lulli

I tried to go for an outfit that combined both Japanese and British influences. I wear Lolita and styles inspired by Lolita a lot so I chose to wear a JSK my friend made for me and a blouse that is inspired by European Georgian (Rococo) style.
My hair is more inspired by Traditional Japanese themes, I looked at big Geisha hairstyles for inspiration and included a pair of chopsticks as a hair accessory.

The name Euphemia de Lulli is taken from the composer of the piano waltz “Chopsticks” Euphemia Allen who composed the piece under the writing name of Arthur de Lulli.

My favourite part is the big hair…I really like big hairstyles now that I have long hair, and I really like the big hairstyles of Geisha!

This is my entry into the Akira x Kawaii.i facebook contest, if you want to vote for me you can do so here but you need to add an app to vote so I don't mind a huge amount if you aren't ok with that :)

Friday, 22 June 2012


A photo of my old college building that Cheryl took...I really wish they'd do something with the place, it's pretty sad to see it still sitting there empty :(

This is me looking awkward with William Control right after Kev interviewed him last week.

He had a photo pass too so here's a live picture :)

Hair of the day 22/06/2012

Braided Top Knot

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Elisabeth, Empress of Austria and Queen of Hungary Franz Xaver Winterhalter

While researching for my entry on The Sutherland Sisters last week I came across some pictures of Empress Elizabeth of Austria, and after looking around to find out who she was I decided that I needed to write an entry on her too. (slight warning of a possible trigger for talk of possible eating disorders in this entry)

On the day of her coronation via wikimedia

Elizabeth was the Empress of Austria from 1867 until her death in 1898, she was also the Queen of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia.
Elizabeth was almost five foot tall, at it's longest her hair (of which she was very proud, referring to herself as "as slave to my hair") reached her ankles, she exercised to excess, ate little (although there were documented cases in which she binged and a rumour that she had a secret passage to the kitchens in one of her apartments leads me to suspect that she may have been bulimic), and was one of the few women of the time who ignored the advice of doctors and tight-laced her corsets giving her a 16 inch waist and 25 inch hips, and even after four pregnancies she weighed only 110 pounds.

Famed for her beauty, it took a minimum of three hours each day for the Empress to achieve her idea of presentably.
Two of the three hours were dedicated to her hair, her hairdresser was commanded to wear gloves at all times whilst touching the Queen's hair, she was also told not to wear rings as these could snag in Elizabeth's hair, causing it to break or other damage such as split ends (this is actually pretty good advice and I also tend not to wear rings or bracelets when I am sorting out my hair), any hairs that fell out, or came out on her brush had to be shown to her royal highness which was the subject of jokes from her niece.
Once a fortnight she would apply a hair mask that would take up an entire day!

Despite her beauty, and all the ways in which she tried to take control of herself, Elizabeth was not a happy woman, she despised court saying once,

“What do sceptres, crowns and purple ceremonial mantels matter?  They are only derisory, coloured rags, ridiculous rattles with which we vainly try to cover the nudity of our souls, when we should be thinking of safeguarding our life and our intimate feelings.”

She did not get on with her Mother in law, and hated the rules she tried to impose on her life and that she took Elizabeth's three oldest children away from her so that they could be brought up "as is fit" for royalty.
Though he claimed to love her, her husband Franz Joseph 1 was a terrible womaniser, and before the birth of their last child it's believed that he passed on an STD to her.
After the suicide of her son Rudolf, she never recovered from her grief and avoided public life as much as possible.

From 1850 onwards Elizabeth began to spend less and less time at court in Vienna, she began to travel in order to escape from the people causing her distress, she could never escape completely though and began to write poems about how she longed to die.
Her travels to Corfu, The Mediterranean, Morocco, Egypt, Turkey and many others would quell her grief for a time, but always she would have to return to Vienna, often with many new cows for the Royal Dairy with her as in the worst lows of her starvation she had taken to drinking only milk.

On September 10th 1898 the Empress got her wish, whilst walking with her Lady in Waiting in Geneva an Anarchist stabbed her with a needle file that pierced her heart.
In order to help her breathe her tightly laced corset that was all that was stopping her from bleeding out was cut loose, within minutes the Queen was dead.

List of sources and other people's blogs about Elizabeth:

Hair of the Day 20/06/2012

I'm calling this one "Stormy Seas"
It was supposed to be this but my hair is way to thick.

It does remind me of the ocean on a really stormy day though :)

One last thing, I am in Lolitadesu's cover image competition, and it would be really awesome if you could find a second to go vote for me (and anybody else you think looks great!), just like Lolitadesu on Facebook
And then go like my image

Thank you :)

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