Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Lesbian Bed Death - Soul Sucker

Remember when I went to Stoke to film a video? Well this was it! I'm the girl in the tartan dress being eaten!
I will post the behind the scenes photos I snapped in a few days :)

Happy Halloween!

The Vampire Bunnies and Franken-ducks are partying as we speak ;)

Monday, 29 October 2012

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Slutty Victorian!

Alt snap - Bram Stoker Film Fest part 2

This Lady (Engineers of Desire) makes the most fabulous leather corsets I've ever seen, I have been Vegan almost ten years now and looking at her corsets is the most tempted I have been by leather in a long time, so if you do wear leather they're defanitly worth checking out.

Style Guides: Dolly Kei

Image via Tumblr

Dolly Kei is an offshoot of Grimoire/ Cult Party that uses a lot of thrifted clothing ideas and often follows a similar shape to Lolita, though often without petticoats.

Image Via Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei often incorporates over the top hair accessories and braid based styles, it's a fashion that doesn't mealy stop at the shoulders like some others.

The Bare Essentials

A thrifted dress in muted colours (browns, burgundies, off whites and deep greens are popular).

Patterned wool tights.

Vintage styled shoes.

Dolly Kei

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Into the Dark of the Night: A Look at the Mysterious World of Goth Handbags

It is quite a fascinating and equally exciting fact that the world of fashion offers designers and consumers alike enough room to express their creativity, regardless of how eccentric, weird or “out of this world” the designs and styles may be. And when it comes to clothes and accessories, particularly in the bags and purses category, there are various different designs that come in style depending on the season as others have become timeless even after all these years.

And among these “weird” and alternative styles and designs, there are some that are really considered by many as obscured and not for everybody’s consumption and a perfect example of which are the goth handbags and purses. If you have no idea what and how these alternative handbags and purses look like, then let us try to dig deeper into the darkest realms of this brand of fashion that is slowly making followers out of women as the years go by.

Black Magic
Perhaps the first thing that you will notice about these goth handbag and purses and the primary characteristic that most, if not all of them embody proudly is the use of the black color. The bags and purses vary as far as the use of black is concerned. Some of them use solid black on all surfaces while some use black and mix it with shades of grey, brown and red for that really brooding appeal. If you are in for black handbags but with a different touch and appeal, one that is of the more eerie and eccentric, then goth black handbags and ladies purses are viable options for you to seriously consider.

Different styles with dark representations
Another obvious aspect that makes goth and alternative handbags and purses different from the rest aside from the generous usage of the color black are the styles, accents and representations they offer. Some of the styles that are available range from chains as straps, different shapes of the bags that resemble bats and other things that can be associated to the dark side and other eccentric touches and designs that can even be considered viable during Halloween parties.

Elements that will surely catch everybody’s attention are the skulls, the fangs, the bloody designs, different kinds of spooky creatures in the night, and if you are really a hardcore goth advocate, you can even go to extremes like a coffin purse which is something that you never really see every day. These dark-oriented ideas that are masterfully and artistically crafted in the bags and purses. But generally, the designs and styles of these black handbags and black ladies purses really stand out above the rest and will make you stand out as well.

Against the grain, making a statement
Let us face it, wearing goth outfit and sporting goth inspired alternative handbags and purses are not really for everybody. But, we cannot take away the fact that fashion should always be about expressing yourself and sometimes making a statement, regardless how bold or how against the grain it may be. So if you are planning or even considering to give yourself a fashion overhaul  or just a slight tweak or makeover when it comes to your fashion accessories, then why not give the goth black handbags and ladies purses a chance?

There are many different goth and alterative handbags and purses available out there, especially online and the same rules apply when it comes to your purchases. Be sure to check your possible sources if the products they are selling are of commendable quality and do your research with regards to the feedback that they are getting from their customers. 
About the author: Patricia May has been writing about general fashion and chic handbags which she truly loves to death.

Behind the scenes

Another couple of behind the scenes photographs from the "Fashion Bites" fashion show at the Brahm Stoker International Film Festival. I was in charge of hair styling for Forever in Black.

Fashion bites!

First set of hair done :) more photos soon!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

While I am away!

I'm off to Whitby for the Bram Stoker International Film Festival and then Goth Weekend the following weekend.
I have some guest posts and a few posts I've already written lined up, I'll also be taking the ipad so I will be making some posts while I am away.
Hoping also to have some vlogs for you all when I get back :)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A little Quiet

I'm sorry I've been really quiet, I've been hard at work.
Have some more teasing :)

Friday, 12 October 2012

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Heart in a Cage Fascinator

Hand printed fascinator I made for Queenie.
I'm going to do two more in this design, but only two because I designed this print for her.
I'm going to have one for me, and one to give away when I reach 100 subscribers :)

The Paradise Hair Tutorial - Clara's Braid Bun

Excuse my sniffles, I'm not very well :(

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Alt Snap: Leeds Steampunk Market

I had a very interesting conversation with this lady about art and Parisian graveyards :)

Lolita in the Garden!

Digging for Victory!

I'm not very well today so there will be no hair of the day post. Hopefully I will be feeling better tomorrow.
Anyway I decided today to share some photographs from yesterday when I was helping to dig some vegetable plots in my Grandma's garden.

On Monday we're planning on putting in some Broad Beans, Garlic and Basil. When pumpkins start appearing in the shops I am going to save some pumpkin seeds so that next year we can try to grow pumpkins!

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Busy Weekend is Busy

Sorry if I'm a little quiet today, I was out al day yesterday working before, during and after last night's XP8 gig (which was kick ass by the way), I woke up about an hour ago and tonight is Charnel House and tomorrow I'm going to be at Leeds Steampunk Market.
The up side is there will be lots of pretty pictures :D

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Lookbook: Damien T - The Shadow in the Background

I really like this "Old School Lolita" look that Damien T has put together. The religious themes are tastefully done, and I am very much a fan of platform shoes used in Gothic Lolita.

Hair of the Day 04/10/2012 - Chinese Bun

My hair is finally long enough to do some styles that use hair sticks :)

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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